Secure Cloud &
Free Local Backup for Business

Backup data from - Servers, Endpoints, Hyper-V, VMware, Synology, QNAP, Microsoft 365, Google Drive, Dropbox, MySQL, MS SQL, AWS Buckets and more - with free licences included.

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Free licences to backup everything – just pay for storage, nothing else. 
Resell our solutions to your customers using our brand or white label with your logo.
Choose to store your data from locations in UK, EU, US, Canada, Singapore or Australia. 
Over 5,000 customers across 50 countries trust us to protect their data – Join us Today.
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"Probably the most versatile and easy to use hybrid backup solution and offered at a great price." - IT Pro.

Backup, Recover & Relax

Discover how Backup Everything can help protect your business data from any unexpected data loss.

We offer transparent advice on what solution is best for your business or if you are looking to resell, what solutions fit your customer requirements.

We offer unlimited licences to backup Servers, Endpoints, Databases, VM’s, Synology and QNAP to the Cloud and/or Locally for free.

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Servers & Endpoints Backup

Backup your Physical Servers, PC’s and Macs.

secondary storage

Database & Application Backup

Backup MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle & Other Databases.

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Virtual Machines Backup

Backup your VMWare and Hyper-V hosts or machines.

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Cloud To Cloud Backup

Backup Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and more.

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Ransomware Protection

Protect your data and have flexible versioning

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Disaster Recovery

Access your Image backups quickly during a DR scenario

Partner with us for FREE!

Get unlimited licences to backup Servers, Endpoints and more – just pay for Storage.

Discounted Rates

Get low rates to able to add good margins to resell on. 

White label

Add your logo to enhance your own brand. 

Partner Portal

Create and manage your customers via our portal. 


Free Setup and Support with no minimum contract. 

Backup Microsoft 365 with our secure C2C Solution

From insider threats, ransomware, or phishing attacks ensure your M365 data is fully protected

Choice of Storage Locations

You can choose to store your M365 data in one of several global regions upon signup. 

Unique Benefits

Get unlimited mailbox licences to backup Exchange + also backup SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams & Groups. Pay for storage, not per user. 

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Clients Satisfied


Storage Regions

AES 256

Secure Encryption




Full Compliance

ISO 27001


White label

Free for Resellers


24/7 Available

Security & Compliance

Our solution is built on the latest coding, security, and compliance protocols,
so rest assured your data is securely stored with no 3rd party access.

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Industries We Serve

Charities & Non-Profit
Medical Practices
Financial Services
Health & Wellbeing
Legal & Media
Retail & Manufacturing
Sports & Travel


What are customers saying about us on google reviews…

Ovidiu IT Manager

One of the best backup services out there today. I searched many cloud backup providers and found Backup Everything who offers a wealth of features and amazing speeds.

Steven King MSP Founder

I was looking for a cloud backup provider for my clients and after much searching I contacted Backup Everything. A very simple solution for any business and would recommend to all.

Matt Small Business Owner

Excellent range of products which are secure, cost effective and easy to deploy. Sales and support teams are very quick to respond.

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