Creating an Account & File Backup Set

This page outlines how to create a simple file backup set using our Ahsay solution from our Business Protect365 product suite. This solution is meant for small businesses but to trial our other solutions for example Image Backups or Office 365 backups please click here.
Please register and choose the LITE version to backup files only on your PC or MAC, however select PRO if you want to backup your Server  or Applications.

Step 1.


Once registered you will get an email with setup instructions but you can also download the PRO or LITE version from here – SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD

PRO Version (Server) – 1st TAB – this tab maybe blank but it is the first one


LITE Version (PC/Mac) – 2nd TAB – this tab maybe blank but it is the second one


Step 2.

Log into the PRO or LITE client – if it says user doesn’t exist, this means you have downloaded the wrong version from what you have created i.e. created a LITE account but downloaded the PRO for example.

Step 3.

Click on Backup Sets, which is the middle top blue box

Step 3_img

Step 4.

Add new Backup Set.


Step 5.

Name the backup set or you can leave it as the default name already given. Once done go to the backup set type and select File Backup from the list. At this point you can select other types of backup sets, however for the purposes of this article we are showing how to create a standard file backup set on the PRO version. If you want to create VMware, Hyper-V, NAS, or Exchange Mailbox backup sets please tick this box(s) during the registration process.


Step 6.

Now select the data you require to backup.  As a default, there are location options like Desktop, Documents, Favourites and Outlook.  If these are not required, remove the ticks and select “I would like to choose the files to backup”


Step 7.

Navigate to the folders / files you require to backup and click OK


Step 8.

Click Next to go to the Schedule Page.  Here, set the days and time you want your backups to run, the default setting is 8pm everyday.


Step 9.

On the destination page, click “+” to add a destination and select Backup Everything Cloud Storage, you can also create a local backup set as well by repeating this step and adding a local destination.

Step 10.

If an option displays for Open Direct, turn off and click Next

Step 11.

In The encryption window, the default is your User Password.  this is the most commonly used option so all data will be encrypted using your account password.  NOTE – If you forget your Encryption key, we have no way of restoring your data at a later date!

Step 12.

You have now created the backup set ready to send your data to our Data Centres.  You can either start a backup now, or click close to go back to the main screen and the backups will run as per the schedule created.