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Data that is long-term shouldn't be spread across different storage

Remove the complexity, risks, and costs of long-term data retention

Why Archive Data?

Archived data allows you to retrieve data that has not been used for some time, based on the search parameters you specify. By using metadata, the index data regardless of the original way data was stored during active use. If you want to retrieve data, you need to know the search parameters, such as origin, author, or file content.

Because backups usually contain images of the entire system, it can be very difficult to select specific files for long-term retention. Since the entire backup must be kept as an archive, storage resources are required, and it is difficult in the future to retrieve specific records.

Features & Benefits

Reduced Cost

Storage of data on low-performance, high-capacity media typically involves less maintenance, operation, and lower cost.

Efficient Backup Process

Archiving reduces the size of backups and eliminates the need to restore unnecessary data

Data Loss Prevention

Archived data reduces the risk of data loss because it can't be modified

Increased Security

By archiving documents, you limit the chance of a cyberattack or malware infection

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