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BE Big Data is a unique solution for your Cloud Data Management. It is based on a world’s first platform that allows data orchestration. BE Big Data delivers automated backup, instant recovery, offsite replication and data archival for a hybrid cloud. It is easy to setup, and simple to scale, with lower total cost of ownership. It blends its powerful architecture with a consumer-grade simplicity to pioneer a fresh approach. It is simple, reliable, and smart.


    A software-defined platform that unifies backup, search, analytics, archival, compliance, replication, instant recovery, and copy data management in one secure fabric across the datacentre and the cloud, featuring: Instant search, Policy-driven, Orchestration, Security, and Analytics. It is an automated infrastructure discovery, which is based on a Policy-driven setup.

    It is so powerful that it allows you to mount replicas directly for testing or recovery without impacting ongoing replication or production workloads. It features an incremental forever replication, with FIPS-140-2 encryption, global file level recovery, and instant VM mount.

    BE Big Data is an API-First architecture solution, which allows customers to build end-to-end automated workflows using APIs. The intuitive wizard-guided implementation allows you to be up and running in 15 minutes.

    It features a Cloud Data Management platform, which is a software-defined system that distributes data, metadata, and tasks across clusters and cloud for linear scalability and performance


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    Flash Speed Backup
    Takes consistent snapshots for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, Oracle and Active Directory. Backup reliably. Peace of mind – delivered.
    Simplify Data Management
    Backup, recovery, compliance, and analytics in one secure portal, with central management and global monitoring. Save time and money by automatically managing policies and eliminating tape.
    Instant Data Access
    Access your data instantly, from anywhere at anytime. Intelligently indexes for an easy search results, similar to "Google's Search" whether for a single file or folder.
    Instant Recovery
    Instantly recover VMs and applications to any point in time, quickly and effortlessly. Recover in the amount of time it takes your OS to boot. Recover apps instantly from failures, disasters, and Ransomware. Recover what you need, when you need it.
    Flexible Replication
    WAN optimised replication that doesn’t impact production workloads, avoiding unnecessary network and storage costs. Capable of delivering a global de-duplication that scales out, resulting in a flexible replication.
    Simple to Scale
    Start small, scale as you grow, with linear scalability and zero downtime for upgrades. One single platform manages all data in the cloud, at the edge, or on-prem for backup, archival, compliance, DR, analytics, and copy data management.
    Clicks away from your Apps
    Free up your apps and data from infrastructure. Spin up in the cloud from anywhere at anytime regardless of infrastructure. Receive rich data services, such as: policy, security, compliance, and access controls.
    Instant Application Availability
    Supports virtualization for VMware, Hyper-V, physical Windows, Linux, native Oracle, and SQL. Every enterprise can benefit from BE Big Data's simplicity, performance and security.
    Data Management
    Data lifecycle management for all your data (Windows servers, physical Oracle databases, VMs, NAS, Linux servers, Microsoft SQL databases) from start to finish. Data is managed across public and private clouds using a single interface. Data integrity is ensured while compression and content-aware global de-duplication versioned data is being orchestrated.
    Flexible RPOs and Near-zero RTO
    Reduce your RTOs from hours to just minutes. Deliver near-zero RTOs by direct mount. Customise RPOs and retention values to meet near-continuous data protection or long-term off-site archival needs.
    Immediate Savings Now | Backup Everything

    Immediate Savings Now

    • Achieve 30-50% in hard savings immediately from software convergence.
    • Management simplicity amplifies savings over time while freeing resources up for true innovation.
    Immediate Savings Now | Backup Everything

    Get Up and Running Quickly

    • Back in business in less than 15 minutes after an outage.
    • Determine what policies to apply to your applications. BE Big Data takes care of the rest.
    Immediate Savings Now | Backup Everything

    Daily Management Time

    • Use one SLA policy engine to create and automate backup, replication, and archival policies with just a few clicks.
    • Reduce daily management time by 60%.
    Immediate Savings Now | Backup Everything

    Data Center Footprint Reduction

    • Eliminate complexity of legacy multi-point solutions with a single platform.
    • Shrink your data center footprint by up to 70%.


    Well, BE Big Data comes with plug-and-play appliances and software editions:

    Consolidate hardware and software components into a single platform. Appliance comes in various specs, applicable in environments from small to a huge enterprise with security standards
    Software in the Cloud
    Elevate data management to the cloud with backup, replication, and disaster recovery for cloud-native apps.
    Software at the Edge
    Deploy our software appliance that extends data management to virtualized and physical remote and branch offices.
    Software on Industry Platforms
    Deploy Cloud Data Management software on qualified industry-leading hardware platforms.