Our BE Whitelabel Solution

Being associated with us in whatever capacity doesn’t mean signing a contract and see you later, it’s all about building a business model and generating recurring revenue with a solution that every customer needs for the long term. Whether you offer a backup solution already or want something else as an alternative we are here to help.


We have 3 reseller models available:

This is a strategic handover to any single reseller who may want to take over a city, region or country to offer their own white label cloud backup solution to new and existing customers on an exclusive basis. We will not engage with any other resellers in the chosen area plus all new customer enquiries will be passed over. This will enable the exclusive reseller to offer their own services as well as our white label backup solution knowing no-one else will be doing so from that area.

A more traditional approach whereby resellers choosing the wholesale route can buy storage space in bulk and offer our online backup solution to their customers. We would have no contact with any customers unless authorised to do so.

If you’re a start-up or established IT Support provider and don’t have the time to make your customers aware of the benefits of having an online backup service, then the referral route might be for you. All you would need to do is contact us with potential customers and we would liaise with them directly and help them setup, leaving you to run the business freely and not worry about your customers backup strategy. We have had experience with customers using Cloud based services only to find the small print states that the backup of data is their responsibility, so using trusted names doesn’t guarantee data protection. Customers rely on you to provide a service that meets their expectations, here at Backup Everything we provide a simple to use, no catches solution that does what it says.

To see the full features for the trial create a Backup / Server account, we can provide free Whitelabel after.