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Server Backup

"The Backup Everything cloud service certainly lives up to its name; there doesn’t seem to be any system or app it can’t protect, you name it and this product can back it up." - PC PRO

Server backup | Backup Everything
Server backup | Backup Everything

Backup Servers

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Natural disasters reported in 2020,
and if you get hit by one, you can lose all your data.

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In any organization, data is the single most valuable asset. Data is the lifeblood, whether it's related to finances, products, clients, or employees. When disaster strikes, you need your servers to stay up and running without any data loss. What's the point of putting your servers at risk? Backup your servers today.


Fast Backup & Recovery

Quick and simple to use backup & recovery, providing peace of mind for both you and users who rely on you.

Backup Schedule

Depending on your needs, you can schedule one or multiple backup schedules.

Restoring Backups

A backed-up server can be quickly and easily restored as a virtual machine (VM) on a Hyper-V host or as a virtual disk (VHDX).

Encryption & Retention Policy

Backups can be specified by setting a backup target, selecting an encryption key (optional), determining how long you want to keep backup versions, and selecting which physical volumes to protect.

Ease of Use

The product is very easy to use. To back up a physical server, simply install the product there. A local management console will be installed alongside the required services. It makes management easier.

Supported Platforms and Operating Systems

Windows Server Backup | Backup Everything

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Server backup | Backup Everything

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