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The Low Cost Solution of Hedging Against Data Loss

Data Loss | Backup Everything

Look around for a minute. You have an insurance cover for your home, car or even your mobile computing device, but what about your files? What will happen if you one day woke up only to find your hard drive wiped clean? The subject of data loss has been as evasive as it is real. Just because we rarely speak or sing about it doesn’t mean that it’s any less concrete. On the contrary, thousands of people in the UK and globally at large lose millions annually due to data loss.

Solution for Data Loss

The introduction of cloud backup UK services is thus a breath of fresh air to many computer owners. Not only are they an easy way to counter data loss but they also represent cheaper methods of acquiring new storage. Your typical cloud backup UK account will have a retrieval feature that allows you to replace data lost within fractions of seconds. It doesn’t matter whether the data was last updated the previous day or ten years back, with an effective cloud backup UK service, the matter can be solved within minutes.

IT analysts estimate that 70% of small businesses in the UK alone will be out of business in the next six months if a catastrophic and massive data loss was to occur today, reason being that most people have been slow to adopt the change that cloud backup UK accounts have brought to the business industry. Given that majority of business owners rarely make onsite copies of their files, then an extensive power surge in the greater area of London, for example, would wipe away thousands of tax records in a span of a few seconds.

Data LossMoving on to the personal and domestic level, the situation couldn’t be any worse. How many of us today have lifetime photos or video clips of fond memories on our hard drives? I bet most of us are nodding in the affirmative. Yes, the same way we would still agree that our computers or phones are not always safe. This also goes to imply that most of us walking with our lifetime treasures in our phones or laptop computers, rarely keep copies of the same elsewhere. The beauty with most cloud backup UK websites is that they are accessible through mobile devices. This way, instead of saving that selfie you took with your friends on your SD card, you could still have it on the cloud in a matter of seconds!

Even with a cloud backup UK account, it doesn’t entirely mean that you’re 100% protected from data loss. Unless, the account has a scheduled auto-backup feature, you will still need to make regular follow-ups for guaranteeing the existence of your data in case of any eventuality. It involves regularly updating the stored details such that at any given time, you have the latest file versions available on your online account.

Lastly, remember that only a cloud backup UK account gives you the flexibility of storing your files and at the same time hedging them against loss or theft. You don’t need to have different accounts unlike in the case of onsite backups where you might require separate storage compartments.

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