The Cloud Backup industry is ever changing with either new storage mediums or more advanced technologies being developed. A selection of informative whitepapers are listed below which are free to download for your use.

What is Remote Backup?
Remote Backup – A Need of Today Data World
What are the Advantages of Cloud Storage?
A Smart Form of Data Storage
How to Backup your Business Server
In this age of digitalization
Backup and Restore Process for Computer Systems
Is Data Backup really that Important?
Backup Your Mac
Why should you protect your Mac?
Cloud Backup vs Cloud Storage - The Key Differences
Storage is not Backup, so be aware.
Backup Everything Business Secrets
Some interesting industry insights.
Computing Business Models BE
What really is Cloud Computing?
How to Backup External Hard Drive
Time to Secure your Valuable Data
How to Backup MySQL
The Language of Modern Data Management.
Backup Solution for Servers
A Running Server can’t afford to Stop!
How to Backup your PC
Why keeping a Backup is a Good Idea?
Backup Your Computer
Protecting your data is important.
Cloud Backup for Small Business
As a business you can't afford to lose your data.