Backup Everything becomes Enabler with its own Proprietary Backup Software

Backup Everything becomes Enabler with its own Proprietary Backup Software
Updated On: July 13, 2023

London UK, 5th Nov 2019

Backup Everything – On the back of its hugely successful launch of Backup Everything (BE) Cloud Archive, a manual web based archive solution, BE is set release its own automated cloud storage software to the mass market. BE Cloud Storage is a secure and easy to use solution that can backup files from Windows and Mac machines.

Designed with the customer in mind, BE Cloud Storage has the following features:[dfd_icon_list list_fields=”%5B%7B%22icon_type%22%3A%22selector%22%2C%22select_icon%22%3A%22dfd_icons%22%2C%22ic_dfd_icons%22%3A%22dfd-socicon-arrow-right%22%2C%22text_content%22%3A%22Automated%20and%20Scheduled%20Cloud%20backup%22%7D%2C%7B%22icon_type%22%3A%22selector%22%2C%22select_icon%22%3A%22dfd_icons%22%2C%22ic_dfd_icons%22%3A%22dfd-socicon-arrow-right%22%2C%22text_content%22%3A%22Flexible%20Retention%20Polices%22%7D%2C%7B%22icon_type%22%3A%22selector%22%2C%22select_icon%22%3A%22dfd_icons%22%2C%22ic_dfd_icons%22%3A%22dfd-socicon-arrow-right%22%2C%22text_content%22%3A%22Priced%20at%20%C2%A310%2FTB%20per%20month%20with%20Unlimited%20Devices%20%26%20Users%22%7D%2C%7B%22icon_type%22%3A%22selector%22%2C%22select_icon%22%3A%22dfd_icons%22%2C%22ic_dfd_icons%22%3A%22dfd-socicon-arrow-right%22%2C%22text_content%22%3A%22Simple%20and%20easy%20to%20navigate%20interface%22%7D%2C%7B%22icon_type%22%3A%22selector%22%2C%22select_icon%22%3A%22dfd_icons%22%2C%22ic_dfd_icons%22%3A%22dfd-socicon-arrow-right%22%2C%22text_content%22%3A%22Backup%20Files%20from%20Windows%20and%20Mac%20machines%22%7D%2C%7B%22icon_type%22%3A%22selector%22%2C%22select_icon%22%3A%22dfd_icons%22%2C%22ic_dfd_icons%22%3A%22dfd-socicon-arrow-right%22%2C%22text_content%22%3A%22Software%20and%20web%20portal%20included%22%7D%2C%7B%22icon_type%22%3A%22selector%22%2C%22select_icon%22%3A%22dfd_icons%22%2C%22ic_dfd_icons%22%3A%22dfd-socicon-arrow-right%22%2C%22text_content%22%3A%22Restore%20from%20previous%20generations%20to%20protect%20from%20Ransomware%20Attacks%22%7D%2C%7B%22icon_type%22%3A%22selector%22%2C%22select_icon%22%3A%22dfd_icons%22%2C%22ic_dfd_icons%22%3A%22dfd-socicon-arrow-right%22%2C%22text_content%22%3A%22Choose%20your%20own%20Data%20Centre%20region%20i.e.%20EU%20or%20USA%22%7D%2C%7B%22icon_type%22%3A%22selector%22%2C%22select_icon%22%3A%22dfd_icons%22%2C%22ic_dfd_icons%22%3A%22dfd-socicon-arrow-right%22%2C%22text_content%22%3A%22Available%20from%20Dec%202019%22%7D%5D” main_style=”style-1″ tutorials=”” font_options=”tag:div|font_size:12|color:%23333333″ icon_color=”#5f40eb”]Saaher Muzafer, Managing Director of Backup Everything says, “There is a desperate need in the industry for cheap and reliable cloud backup services, granted price isnt everything but there must be a backup solution that is affordable to everyone whilst at the same time be secure and credible. Having BE Cloud Storage addresses all these concerns so now there is simply no need for anyone to say no to having a decent service in place to protect their file data at a low price”.

Currently BE offers Ahsay, StorageCraft, Rubrik and Asigra with which it has every intention of continuing to use due to various extra features and UK DC the solutions provide. BE Cloud Storage is there to capture customers from new markets including Home Users, customers in Emerging Countries or anyone with old legacy data that they want stored offsite.

Saaher adds, “BE Cloud Storage compliments BE Cloud Archive, one is web based the other is software based so customers have the choice on how they want to protect their files. Both solutions are developed by us so we can now be classed as an enabler as we 100% own the rights to the applications. With pre-orders reaching 100TB+, this is exactly what the market needed and we are pleased to be able to offer this at the price point stated”.

About Backup Everything

The UK’s fastest growing provider of cost effective online backup and disaster recovery services to small businesses and enterprises. Currently protecting 1PB of data across 1500 customers, these figures continue to grow. Data is stored in secure DC’s with support for Windows, Mac, Linux, VMware, Hyper-V, Office 365 and more. Backup Everything is the only cloud backup provider to be given 5/5 stars, to be recommended and be A-listed by PC PRO magazine as well as being Editor’s Choice for backup by IT PRO. It was shortlisted for Cloud Vendor of the Year by the Cloud Excellence Awards. BE can also provide free white label to any reseller wanting to offer its solutions to their customers.

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Backup Everything becomes Enabler with its own Proprietary Backup Software

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

We pride ourselves on having a cloud backup solution for everyone as every business has a different requirement. Whether you want to backup Servers, Virtual Machines or Microsoft 365 we will have something for you. Our alignment is not with any vendor or product but with the best fit for your backup and disaster recovery needs. Contact us anytime for a transparent chat about what we have and what is there in the market today, I am sure we will be able to help you.

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