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Accelerate the growth of your
Veeam Licenses with our
Self-Provisioning Portal

Cloud storage | Backup everything

Fast track your Veeam sales & streamline your process

with our custom Veeam Self-Provisioning Tool

As a Veeam service provider, you want to focus on growing your Veeam licenses and expedite your sales motion. Backup Everything’s self-provisioning portal helps you achieve this. Our comprehensive solution assist service providers with their management; allowing for acceleration in sales and growth for their Veeam book of business

Our Portal Allows:

Self-Provision Backup

Everything gives you the ability to self-provision your quotas; adjust your total consumption on demand and move in small increments to only pay for what you need. View and modify your client’s quota, warning levels, setting and password with ease. No one else offers this level of customization.

Bird Eye View of Your Assets and Licenses

Gain a birds-eye-view of your storage assets. Reconcile rental license per tenant based on your existing Veeam rental agreement. Streamline your storage across multiple Veeam repositories with our local monitoring and alerts dashboard.

Seamless Integration

No separate tenant console is needed; our portal integrates with Veeam and major third part PSA platforms. Your repository will appear in your existing Veeam backup infrastructure, behaves like an on-prem backup and customized to fit your organizational needs.

Insider Protection

Enable your tenant to keep deleted backup in case of insider attack. Define retention period and rest assured that their data is fully secured

Key Features

Self-provision your own quota to save from overspending

Completely managed self-service with no CAPEX or second site maintenance

Manage your own cloud inventory on demand

Simple, secure, fast & reliable for 24/7 increase of quotas as a self service

Easily find alerts and reports at the tip of your fingers

Streamline your billing
directly from the portal

Comprehensive support for Veeam 10x, replication and recovery

Boost your DRAAS sales by publishing your own DR playbook

How It Works


Set your quota. Prioritize what to restore into the cloud.


Assign Backup Everything as a repository for your backups using Veeam 10x Backup and Replication or Veeam Agent for Windows. Veeam will send us a copy of your data. Done


As your storage needs change, you can raise or lower your quota in small increments. No other Veeam reseller gives you that degree of granularity.

Simple Pricing


Per License
Per Month


Per 100GB
Per Month

See It In Action

Try our Self-Provisioning Portal