Ransomware Protection

Keeping business data and systems safe from ransomware

"Probably the most versatile and easy to use hybrid backup solution and offered at a great price." - IT Pro.

While you still have the chance, protect your data.

You’ve seen them in the news – organizations with their data stolen and payments to the perpetrators for it to be returned. Despite your best efforts, new strains of ransomware and other malware continue to threaten your enterprise and customer data.

Real-time Threat Monitoring

Real-time threat monitoring, constantly scanning your systems for suspicious activities and identifying potential ransomware threats

Behavior-Based Detection

Advanced behavior-based detection algorithms to identify ransomware patterns and behaviors, even in their evolving forms

Automated Backup & Recovery

regular, incremental backups of your critical data and systems, enabling you to restore clean copies quickly and effectively

Why Choose Our Ransomware Protection

Protect your business-critical data, minimize the risk of ransomware attacks, and maintain operational resilience by taking advantage of our comprehensive Ransomware Protection service

Safeguard Your Valuable Data

Ransomware attacks can result in irreversible data loss, causing significant financial and operational damage. By taking our Ransomware Protection service, you can proactively protect your valuable data from being held hostage, ensuring business continuity and peace of mind.

Prevent Costly Downtime

Ransomware attacks often lead to system disruptions and downtime, impacting productivity and revenue. Our Ransomware Protection service helps you prevent costly downtime by detecting and blocking ransomware threats, allowing your business to operate smoothly without interruptions or the need for lengthy recovery processes.

Minimize Financial Losses

Ransomware attacks can be financially devastating, with cybercriminals demanding hefty ransoms to release encrypted data. By investing in our Ransomware Protection service, you can minimize the risk of falling victim to these extortion attempts, avoiding the potential financial losses associated with ransom payments.

Security & Compliance

Our solution is built on the latest coding, security, and compliance protocols,
so rest assured your data is securely stored with no 3rd party access.

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