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Protect Files, SQL, Exchange, VMware, Hyper-V and more
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BE Business is for any company who want a secure and automated Cloud Backup & Recovery Solution that will protect themselves from disaster or data loss.


    Onepc pro | Backup Everything

    ” The Backup Everything cloud service certainly lives up to its name; there doesn’t seem to be any system or app it can’t protect, you name it and this product can back it up. “


    For any organisation, data remains the single most valuable asset. Whether related to financial, products, customer or employees, data is the lifeblood of any business. In the event of a disaster or data loss, what you will want is how quickly you can restore the data, not whether the data was successfully backed up or not, this means, the emphasis must be on recovery.


    PC or Mac
    Min 50GB per machine
    £5 /month
    • 10p/GB/mth
    • Windows and Mac
    • File Only Backups
    • Local and Cloud Backups
    • Free Setup & Support
    • UK Storage across 2 locations
    • Email Alerts & Web Portal
    Min 100GB per Server
    £10 /month
    • 10p/GB/mth
    • Windows, Mac, Linux, Synology & QNAP
    • Create File, SQL, Exchange, VMware and Hyper-V Backups
    • Local and Cloud Backups
    • Free Setup & Support
    • UK Storage across 2 locations
    • Email Alerts & Web Portal
    A Step by Step Guide on how to create either a PC/Mac (LITE) or a Server (PRO) account can be found here, all prices exclude VAT.


    Online Backup UK | Backup Everything
    Data storage compression can eliminate the many redundancies of stored data and cut storage costs.
    Online Backup UK | Backup Everything
    Web-based dashboard with visibility for multiple branch locations and offices.
    Online Backup UK | Backup Everything
    Generate reports that identify possible storage inefficiencies and data volumes.
    Online Backup UK | Backup Everything
    Retention Rules
    Define a backup retention period which can be sent for days, weeks, months or years giving you flexibility.
    Online Backup UK | Backup Everything
    Local Storage
    Create a local backup set enabling faster restores and added measures for disaster recovery.
    Online Backup UK | Backup Everything
    Use tools to optimize and better manage the backups from both data and cost viewpoints.
    Cloud Backup UK | Backup Everything
    Single repository
    No scattered silos therefore giving optimal performance and redundancy for data stored.
    Cloud Backup UK | Backup Everything
    AES 256-bit in-flight and at-rest Encryption. Data can not be accessed by any 3rd party.
    Cloud Backup UK | Backup Everything
    Regulatory Compliance
    Encryption Key Management (customer-controlled encryption key and authentication).

    Complete Protection for your Business

    Complete Protection for your Business | BackupEverything

    Powerful Ransomware Recovery

    Ransomware attacks — computer malware that installs on a victim’s computer and demands a ransom payment to restore the data — are happening daily by targeting small businesses, and individuals, and as a result, data recovery activities have gone up in our servers. Businesses must always be ready for data recovery just in case of natural disaster, human error or malicious attacks.

    Secure, Safe and Accessible 24/7

    BE’s cloud backup and recovery solution provides instantaneous, end-to-end data protection solution, protecting critical business data securely and safely while making sure that authorised users get 24/7 access from any web browser using the online web portal.


    We keep versions of all your important files and folders in the cloud. In case of accidental deletion or malware, you can recover the last unaffected version and carry on as if nothing has happened.

    Support and Notifications

    BE Business covers your back. It frees up your resources from day to day management of backups, recovery and lost data, and allows you to focus on your business. You can get notified about the status of your backup so you don’t have to keep track yourself. If any issues arise you can view our extensive knowledge base or contact us directly, we can also do a remote session to resolve any issues.

    Intuitive, Easy to Use and Manage

    BE’s software is easy to install and can backup in real time or via a set schedule determined by the user. It is a leading data protection solution built specifically for business customers. You can decide what files, folders and drives you want to backup and choose file extensions to be excluded

    Automatic Backups

    Set the backups and once setup, let them run in the background which frees up your resources to do other activities. The backup sets can run at anytime or you can have the option of doing them on-demand.


    Incremental-Forever | Backup Everything


    After the initial backup, only changes are backed up, this saves time and bandwidth
    MS-Exchange Logo | Backup Everything

    MS Exchange

    Backup 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013 databases for better protection

    SQL LogoHybrid Backup | Backup Everything


    MSSQL 2005, 2008, 2012 & 2014 backup protects live databases
    Hybrid Backup | Backup Everything

    Hybrid Backup

    Backup only what’s important to the cloud, the rest can be backed up locally for free
    Advanced Scheduled Backup | Backup Everything

    Scheduled Backup

    Set up a schedule that will backup incrementally forever
    Continuous Data Protection | Backup Everything


    Continuous Data Protection enables regular backups
    Virtual Machine Backup | Backup Everything

    VM Backup

    Backup your VMware machines or Hyper-V machines, create individual backup sets for each
    Open File Backup | Backup Everything

    Open File Backup

    Backup files while they are open, so you wont miss anything
    Open File Backup | Backup Everything


    Receive emails after every backup job has completed


    Our cloud backup solution provides a comprehensive feature set as well as meeting strict data protection laws, in addition we provide the following:

    • Setup
    • Support
    • Disk Seeding
    • Web Portal


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