Can we Trust Cloud Storage Services for Storing our Data?

Can we Trust Cloud Storage Services for Storing our Data?
Updated On: July 13, 2023

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cloud services now have become a new normal. We can notice their presence in every walk of life. From email services to video streaming services, everyone is using cloud storage options to fulfill the needs of their customers. Furthermore, with the launch of services like Office 365, Apple iCloud, Google Drive, and similar others, cloud storage services have experienced phenomenal growth. However, despite features like unlimited storage, contagious disaster recovery plans, and flexible file size oriented storage plans, there are a lot of people who are still sceptical of cloud services efficacy. Call it their scepticism or realization of something that seems impossible, but the matter of fact is that they are not ready to trust cloud utilities for storing their important data. Let’s get into the detail of what is stopping them and how cloud storage can help them to trust their services.

Why People are not ready to trust Cloud Storage Services?

It is a fact that despite a million admirers, there is still a huge population who isn’t ready to trust cloud based storage services. The following points shed a light on their common doubts:

  • Lack of Control: People find that with cloud-based files and folders storage services, they will not be able to exert control on the files they own. They are of the view that the moment they will upload their files or documents on the cloud servers, someone else can easily control them by gaining unauthorized access. Therefore, costing them to losing control of their important files.
  • Insecure: People are really skeptical about the real time security protocols of cloud services, and they think that in a time when nothing is safe from cyber-attacks, storing their data on cloud storage solutions will make their data more prone to hackers. So, for them, this fact makes cloud services rather insecure.
  • Downtimes: Downtimes is the doubt shared by both admirers and opponents of cloud services. Everyone is afraid of uncertain downtimes, i.e., they may lose access to their data if cloud servers go down for any technical or technical reason. They argue that for whatsoever reason alleged downtime will occur, the fact is that their important files would no longer be accessible. For someone who is in the middle of a meeting or working on a very important project, such uncertain downtimes are collateral enough to cause irreparable damage.

How Cloud Storage Service Providers Store Users’ Data?

The above-mentioned doubts are some of the key hindrances due to which a lot of people are not ready to trust cloud services. So, in this regard, it is important to discuss how cloud storage providers store users’ data. But remember that the following measures are what highly acclaimed cloud service providers use, so it is not guaranteed that everyone uses it.

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Physical Measures

Those cloud service providers who care for users’ data and want to make sure that their customers do not experience downtimes, ensure that they enact solid physical measures. These physical measures include multi-layered security of the data centre or even replication of the data in the data centre. The security of the data centre means securing it with CCTV surveillance, implementing proper cybersecurity measures, and having stern facility access systems. Besides that, data centre replication lets the data which is being saved in the primary data centre to get copied in the secondary data centre that is situated quite far away from the primary one. This is how round the clock data accessibility, along with stern data security is ensured.


Encryption is considered the most important aspect of data security, as it hinders the possibility of any attempted or foreseeable data intervention. With encryption, the users’ data is protected via an encryption key and is then decrypted only if the same encryption key is provided. Moreover, it also masks the users’ data to protect data interpretation as well as intrusion during the data transmission phase or during file sharing. Therefore, only the sender and receiving end knows that what has been sent and what is being received. This technology negates that no one even has a slight chance to access your files.

Cloud Security Controls

Cloud service providers offer multi-layered security control to curb the menace of data theft or any probability of cyber-attack. They offer such security measures both in the case of a desktop app and mobile app. They have enacted a set of preventive controls where they improve the overall security mechanism of the system. One fine example is the authentication streams for cloud users, which does not let any unauthorized person to intrude into the user’s data. Deterrent controls protect online storage services from cyber-attacks by informing potential attackers about the enactment of the profound protection system. The detection control system allows cloud service providers to detect and respond to the events that are happening against their service paradigm. In addition to this, they have reactive control systems where the impact of any attack is restrained to a possible extent. This system is activated if any attack bypasses all of the protection and attacks the system. So, now to protect the cloud services as well as users, a reactive control system is activated to limit the degree of damage. With all these stern security control systems, there is hardly any chance for data loss as well as a privacy violation.


The only effective way of addressing the concerns is possible when the problem has been understood well and then respective services/steps are introduced and explained. This is what has been done in this blog to address the long-pending questions, i.e., can we trust cloud storage services for storing our data? While the doubts are legitimate, the stern security protocols are proactive enough to turn the above-mentioned doubts into a mere myth. The way cloud storage service providers protect users’ file storage and other data, there is no doubt in the fact that cloud storage services can surely be trusted for storing important data. But it is worth mentioning that this guarantee is tied to those service providers who have these measures. So, it is recommended to check service providers for the above-mentioned security protocols, and if the answer is yes, then subscribe and stay relaxed![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Can we Trust Cloud Storage Services for Storing our Data?

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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