Cloud Storage Backups: How to make sure your Data is safe and secure?

Cloud Storage Backups: How to make sure your Data is safe and secure?
Updated On: July 13, 2023

Cloud Storage Backups: Cloud storage presents an opportunity to save cost and resources by eliminating the need for a physical storage medium. This is done by saving your information through the internet on the cloud. The ‘cloud’ exists as an internet virtual space, where data centers help keep this running. The data centers consist of servers which help save information online.

Cloud storage proves more reliable than traditional methods such as an external hard drive or a flash drive, because of the ability to extra storage capacity. It is also more secure and holds lower chances of information loss. While a physical storage medium is more vulnerable to malfunction, cloud storage is not.

Making sure the information stored on your digital devices is safe is important. This is why it’s important to always keep a backup of valuable information through a safe and secure method. Cloud storage provides just that.

Online Storage through Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup

Technically, a cloud storage service and cloud backup service are different. A cloud storage service platform will allow users to store data according to a storage plan. This plan differs in storage space and cost and is not dedicated to the backup process. A cloud backup service is dedicated to backing up information from a pc or similar device. The goal is to continuously save valuable information. This is to increase the chances of data being secure in case of information loss at any point.

Cloud backups also keep multiple versions of the same file. Also, any changed or deleted files are kept intact. With cloud storage, the process of automated backups is not that important. Users usually use cloud storage space to share files through different devices. Deleted files are not saved in a cloud storage service. Usually, cloud storage can be used to manage data away from a computer. This can be to save resources and reduce infrastructure cost.

Cloud Storage Backups: However, both services allow sync services as a cloud storage solution. This follows an automated process. While both services allow unlimited storage space, a cloud backup service will be more dedicated to this concept. This is because a large number of files are being saved on the cloud backup and require large storage space. To make sure space does not run out, it is considered important to provide unlimited storage.

Both virtual storage spaces allow the option to download files. But, the process can take longer on a cloud backup service. This is because of the large amount of data mostly from multiple computers are kept on cloud backup platform.

Usually, cloud backup services provide a software installed on each computer for backup. But, cloud storage services use a web interface. Because cloud storage is intended for personal use, ease of access is also given a priority. Users are given the option of sharing files through a number of devices. This can be from mobile apps on a mobile device or a desktop app as a local backup.

In essence, a cloud storage service usually targets personal users while cloud backup services target businesses.

Cloud Storage Backups

Factors to Consider when choosing a Cloud Backup Service

As discussed earlier, cloud backup services usually target businesses. However, choosing a service for businesses should be according to their own needs. This means that it is not important for a good cloud backup service to be efficient for a certain business. However, certain factors should be kept in mind by all businesses when choosing a backup service.

  • The first thing to be considered is performance. It should be important that the service offers speedy backups. This can be important in cloud backups because of the large volume of data involved. Usually, multiple computers are sending data to the cloud space. This means that a slow service will cause delays. This can hurt businesses in the long run financially.
  • It is important that the backup service runs on multiple operating systems. A good cloud backup software should be able to run on Windows, Linux, Mac or Unix.
  • The cloud backup service should be secure. This implies that the chances of data leaks should be extremely low.
  • The most important factor is cost. While performance and storage space might be offered by all, services will differ in cost. If the cost is being charged per/GB, the business should consider their storage volume. This is because continuous backups often take place. Also, multiple copies of the same file are uploaded. So, the total cost should be closely analyzed.
  • A business should consider the exit plan being offered by the backup service, as transferring this large amount of data can be a challenge. So, a backup service should be chosen that offers an easy exit plan.

Choosing a Backup Plan

Cloud Storage Backups-Making sure that your information is secure through a backup plan is important. Take the 3-2-1 rule for example, which can be used to efficiently keep information preserved. According to the rule, 3 copies of the file must present at all times. Out of the 3, two should be stored on different storage mediums. Out of the two, one should be stored off-site.

Online backup services usually present a backup plan to users according to their requirements. The plan can vary depending upon cost and storage space. While unlimited storage is offered most of the times, other factors are also considered. Some users require data to be backed up after a certain time period. The prices can differ according to the level of continuous backup required.

Having a backup plan in place should be a top priority for both business and personal use. For personal users, keeping data managed and backed up online can be convenient. In case of any malfunction to your mobile or pc, the data is safe somewhere. For a business, a loss of data can result in a financial disaster. This is why everyone should always have a backup plan in place.

Cloud Storage Backups: How to make sure your Data is safe and secure?

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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