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Cloud Backup Reinvented

Launching in February 2021

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hero image | Backup Everything

Cloud Backup Reinvented

Launching in January 2021


Brand with your logo

Web Portal

Central console

Email Reporting

Daily Notifications

24/7 Support

Always available


No Device Costs


Multiple supported

Introducing Cloud Protect365

When you have data, can you protect it in the cloud? Can you archive non-critical data to the cloud automatically? Can you evoke Disaster Recovery quickly and on demand? When all is created with the user in mind, now you can. The future of Data Protection is now here.

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Schedule & Automate

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Across all devices

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Send files securely

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Archive non-critical data

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Disaster Recovery

Ensure Business Continuity

Cloud Backup

The Way You Want

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Our Software
Our Storage

Choose to store your data in either
the USA or EU

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Our Software
Your Storage

Backup to any S3 protocol
related Storage

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Our Software
Your Private Cloud

Use your own IAAS to host
the servers and store the data

Backup Features

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Image Snapshot

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MS Sharepoint

MS Exchange




Key Features

Remote Management

Take control of your devices remotely via the web portal to adjust schedules, backups, policies and much more.

Mass Deployment

Use configured scripts to mass deploy the software and mobile apps to thousands of devices quickly and efficiently.

Ransomware Protection

Set your own version/generation limit meaning you can go back to any point in time to restore data.

Disaster Recovery

Our unique feature where you can Hot Spin Up your last Image Backup from a Physical Server, Virtual Server or Docker Container to a Live VM offsite (or onsite into your own local environment). If offsite, your image is taken from the Backup Storage Region and moved into a DR Region of your choice with a link sent for you to access and restore. This could be for a one-time restore or kept for incremental changes to take place as a Hot VM. DR can be evoked via the Web Portal, Software Client or Mobile App. Users can also rent standalone VM’s from a list of over 150 AWS servers from London, Frankfurt or Ohio for their own purpose.

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All Platforms & Devices Covered

Backup your Servers, Desktops, Laptops and Mobiles across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems.

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All Platforms & Devices Covered

Backup your Servers, Desktops, and Mobiles across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms.

Admin & User Mobile Apps

All Admins have a separate mobile app which replicates the master web portal. From this app admins can create users, add backup sets, evoke Disaster Recovery and do much more. There is also an app for each User which allows them to view their account and manage any backups. 

Security & Compliance

Our solution is built on the latest coding, security, and compliance protocols, so rest assured your data is securely stored with no 3rd party access.

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