Do cloud service providers backup data

Do cloud service providers backup data
Updated On: July 13, 2023

Cloud Service Providers – Running a regular backup is essential for both domestic and commercial users. Even a small fraction of loss pertaining to important data can cause irreparable consequences. Copying important data on a local drive is one way to prepare a local backup. But such storage service is not feasible in the long term.

In case of fire, theft or hardware malfunctioning, all data in a physical storage medium can be lost. So, there is a need to look for such backup plans that are secure as well as open to being accessed anytime. Cloud computing services are one of the best possible solutions in this case. In cloud computing, a physical or virtual copy of the data is sent to the off-site location. This saves the data from any sort of catastrophe, whether technical or non-technical. In other words, multiple copies are made of the data that is stored in the cloud and these copies are then stored in multiple servers. So, if any one of the server or data center malfunction or gets damaged, the data will still be safe in other centers.

By this, the cloud-based backup can be termed as an effective backup strategy. Against a small subscription fee, the user can park important data on the service provider’s remote data center. This subscription fee is the function of storage capacity, data bandwidth, number of the servers and users.

So, yes cloud service does provide the data backup services. In fact, the actual purpose of cloud backup is to give a platform where people can store their important data without the disruption of data loss.

Prominent Cloud Service Providers

After establishing the affirmation that cloud service providers do provide data backup services, there is a need to know about the prominent ones. Following are some the prominent cloud backup service providers:

AWS Cloud Storage

Being a market leader in cloud computing, Amazon Web Services offer comprehensive cloud solutions. For the long-term backups, they have products like Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier. While for simple file storage solutions, they have Amazon EFS.

They constantly keep on improving their cloud infrastructure. This is the reason it is anticipated that they will maintain their position of global leaders in the cloud market.

They have huge numbers of vendors and developers which are embarking its cloud vision. Owing to this, their S3 APIs are very much in the application. Such a huge team of developers, in turn, seek for possible avenues. Hence drive the motivation to offer more storage solutions for the costumers.

Apart from cloud storage, they have extended their business operations to networking, big data and AI ventures. Moreover, a fierce competition is beaten up with the cutting-edge capacities, capabilities and cost-saving endeavors of AWS.

cloud service providersMicrosoft Azure Storage

Microsoft Azure has an excellent portfolio of offering services in the object, file and block storage. They have wide-ranging object storage tiers such as Azure Hot and Cold Storage, and Azure Archive Blob Strategy.

In the perspective of cloud storage, they are the biggest rival of Amazon Web Services. Consequences of this rivalry are being reflected in the end-customer offerings, where this healthy competition is bringing excellent cloud backup solutions for aspiring customers.

There exists a deep integration between Azure and Microsoft’s allied services and applications. This gives the Azure a competitive edge amongst its rivals. Because this integration is making Azure storage an ideal option for companies operating on Microsoft platforms.

Backup Everything

With more than 750TB of customers data stored in its data centers, Backup Everything provides a well secure platform for businesses to secure their data in an encrypted environment. It is known for easy to use and versatile backup platform that comes under a great price for businesses.

Backup Everything provides cloud backup for servers, PC, Mac, Office-365 and different small and medium-sized enterprises. It enables clients to backup entire operating systems including all the settings and applications in a very fast, convenient and secure environment. For the big data backup, it provides an automated flash speed backup with fast data recovery and offsite replication.

Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform offers a wide ranging cloud storage services. They have block storage solutions for virtual machines and offer file storage services for many applications. Google cloud platform also extends archive and cloud storage services for the MySQL and NoSQL databases.

Although Google does not have that much market share in lieu of cloud computing like that of AWS and Azure, but when it comes to network performance and availability, no one can beat Google. It has the capability to compete with any fierce cloud service providers in term of raw storage capabilities.

IBM Cloud Storage

IBM is a global leader in enterprise-level IT infrastructures. They offer Cloud Object Storage (COS) to support plenty of workloads at the enterprise level. This COS has the capability to even support IBM Cloud Block Storage and IBM Cloud File Storage.

IBM always focus on the high performance and this is the reason, IBM Cloud storage offers durable and resilient scalability options. Continuing the tradition of clients satisfaction, they intend to offer the best cloud backup service for all aspiring corporate clients.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Storage

Oracle cloud infrastructure storage is ideal for those organization who are using oracle databases, oracle’s enterprise applications and its cloud services. Although anyone is open to use their services. But the client’s experience tells that it is best for oracle-oriented machines.

They have NVMe enabled cloud storage services and with this, they offer high-performance cloud services to their customers. This is exceptional for those companies who operate in the transactional model and have deployed big data engines to meet high IOPS demands.

cloud service providersAlibaba Cloud Storage

Alibaba is a worldwide e-commerce tycoon. After stepping into cloud computing, Alibaba cloud storage is one of the well-known and well-regarded names in the cloud industry. Though, it couldn’t dent the long-term dominance of Microsoft, Amazon, and Google in the USA. But still, it is leading in China and the whole of Asia. Recently it stepped into the European industry and its popularity is taking everyone by storm.

Alibaba offers a wide range of cloud storage services with a blend of machine learning. This makes Alibaba cloud storage highly popular amongst international companies and companies having great reliance on the AI.

They have an extensive menu for several storage services for the file, object and block storage. Moreover, they also offer cloud storage gateway software appliances. Aiming the image and video recognition market, Alibaba has equipped its cloud storage with Artificial Intelligence.

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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