Why You Need WordPress Backup?

Why You Need WordPress Backup?
Updated On: July 13, 2023

Keep Your WordPress Website Safe with WordPress Backup!

Though it’s one of the things most of us choose to ignore— setting up a backup system for your website is one of the most crucial things that should be considered immediately after installing WordPress. And the reason is— most people depend on their web hosting provider’s ‘regular backup’ services and put their complete trust and business in the hands of the web hosting company.

One can choose the world’s most reliable WordPress hosting provider and have the most secure WordPress installation, but there are many other odds and ends that set up your WordPress and are unmanageable at your side. What if the WordPress file or database gets corrupted? What if a web server hard disk where you have hosted your WordPress fails? In such unfortunate instances, a WordPress backup can save the day. This article focused on why regular WordPress backups help you to be more efficient and safer when it comes to maintaining WordPress.

The Importance of WordPress Backup for Your WordPress Website

Website disasters come in different forms. It could be a hacker attack, sudden server crash or even accidentally deletion of some very important files and data from your WordPress database. Keeping a backup is the ONLY way to ensure the high-level security of your website.

Majority of WordPress users overlook backing up their website because the web hosting company offers a ‘free daily backup’ service along with the VPS hosting plans— thinking that the website is safe and secure. But what if the last time the web hosting company took a backup of the website was over a month old? This can be very scary for the users suffering data loss.

Remember, you can never completely trust web hosting companies to look after your website. They have to deal with thousands of clients and their data, and that’s why they don’t really care about your website’s security as much as you do. If you really want to be assured about the safety and security of the website, all you need to do is to back up your website by yourself.

A good WordPress backup strategy is very crucial for all your WordPress websites and blogs. No matter whether there’s a hardware or software failure, or a malicious WordPress hack attack or you make some changes and something breaks down, WordPress backups are absolutely safety net for your website. It is also very helpful for several other WordPress administrative tasks including migrations and testing.

Reliable WordPress Backups

When it comes to WordPress backups reliability is a must. Many users prefer doing manual backups— but they often face several problems. WordPress backup plugins are helpful in some way. But, choosing Backup Everything, an online WordPress backup service provider, everything is managed at the service level— you don’t have to monitor or maintain the system. For instance, Backup Everything monitors their own services and if they notice something erratic with your backups, they instantly notice it and take relevant action to ensure your backups are being rightly done. Managing a business itself is not an easy task, and on top of that managing, your WordPress backups can be really daunting.

Remote WordPress Backup Storage

Backing up your WordPress using a plugin means you are storing your backups on the same server where your WordPress is installed. Some WordPress plugin has an option to buy a third-party storage service like Amazon s3 cloud where you can store your backups. But taking some extra step you can keep your website on a much safer side. Choosing a reliable online WordPress backup service, you can be assured that the WordPress backups are stored in a secure and remote location for you.

Safe WordPress Backup Storage

The key advantage of storing your WordPress backups remotely is reliability. Storing WordPress database backup on the same WordPress server can be risky if the server undergoes a hardware failure and you cannot retrieve the backups. But when the WordPress backups are stored in a remote and reliable location you can be assured that you can always access your backups and restore your website in just a few clicks and within a few minutes anytime you need, even in case of a severe server failure.

WordPress backups stored in a remote location ensures that your backups are not deleted or tampered with. Backup Everything has the right and most secure infrastructure where your backups and data are stored.

Real-time WordPress Backups

The minute you make any changes on your WordPress, Backup Everything will automatically back it up. Depending on how busy your website is, or how frequently you modify content, or publish blog posts or pages.  If you have opted for daily scheduled backups, and something goes wrong unexpectedly you will lose the complete day’s work. If you update the content of your WordPress website multiple times a day or very frequently, reliable WordPress backup process is a must.

Restore WordPress Backups from Different Stages

WordPress backups are not only there for when your WordPress is hacked or you have a hardware failure. New WordPress users would have surely experienced the time when installing a new WordPress plugin or applying customization and the website goes outraged and unmanageable. And sometimes, you make a number of changes and updates, and you want to restore an older version of your WordPress website.  All this can be easily done with Backup Everything WordPress backup services and solutions.

Automatic WordPress Migrations

The best part about WordPress backup service is they help you to back up your WordPress websites and blogs, although backups can also be used for other important administrative purposes. The option for migrate-site lets you automatically migrate your WordPress to another URL or another server. This feature lets users work more efficiently and quickly.

If you want to design a new theme for an existing WordPress website, or do a few customizations, most probably you will first set up a copy of your site locally, and once ready you migrate the site manually step by step, making sure the URL was not shifted. But, when you back up the active website with Backup Everything, you can make use of this feature to migrate the staging website to the live website even using a different URL.

Do WordPress Backup with Ease and Comfort

It is essential to take regular backup or database backup of your data to make sure that your backups are safe and secure. Many WordPress backup plugins store your backup files on the same server where your website is hosted. This can be terrible because in case of a server crash it will not only take down your website but also all your backups as well. It is important to ensure that your backups are always independent of your site. There are ample of offsite storage options available in the market today like— Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox and others offer storage space and protection for your data. Choosing a backup solution that uses offsite storage for backups is a necessity. You should have an ample amount of space for storing multiple backups and should be able to handle them without any hassles.

Backup Everything Ensures Reliable and Secure WordPress Backup

Backup Everything is a well-known and most reliable WordPress backup solution that meets all of the above conditions. It protects your data by offering you with the best possible security and protection for your WordPress backup. We store multiple copies of your backup on our own independent servers along with the Amazon S3 servers. Moreover, you can manage everything about your backups easily from a single place. You can download, restore, migrate, see the history and much more using the clear interface.


Why You Need WordPress Backup?

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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