How to Choose The Best VMware Backup Solution

How to Choose The Best VMware Backup Solution
Updated On: July 13, 2023

There are comprehensive VMware solutions available, but how to choose the best VMware backup solution that has all the vital resources to protect your data?

VMware virtual machines are created to ensure data safety from theft, malware, and Ransome. And it’s pretty much possible for any system to get hacked if precautions are not implemented accordingly. So, to protect data, VMware locks down its backups for an extended time. It’s compulsory to have a consistent VM backup and restore solution. Also, restoring a single file, an entire VM, or running the full Disaster Recovery must be free of errors that can be efficiently restored when a failure occurs. Organizations must have VMs to avoid failure of a service interruption and severe financial loss.

Therefore, our experts have gathered the information to guide you on how to choose the best VMware Backup Solution. Keep reading to know more.

What you must Look for in VMware Backup solution tools?

VMware backup solution offers Backup software that is vital for every organization to ensure complete data protection. There are many to claim to resolve the issue, but you must choose them accordingly. 

Moreover, you can improve the subsequent backups to VMS running faster by making them smaller, occupying smaller storage, and requiring less bandwidth.

Backing up large VMware incremental backups can inevitably consume time, resources, and storage. You must determine to clean unnecessary VMs that requires to be backed up. Yet, (at the beginning) it might be time-consuming, but it will make backups more efficient in the future. 

Additionally, VMware tools must keep the VM environment running during a blackout and provide complete data protection

Also, these will make your backup jobs simple and manageable by offering choices like full backup, snapshots, instant recovery, and incremental backups

These tools mostly come with backup and replication features, and you must look for the mentioned facilities below to choose the best VMware backup and recovery. 

  • Incremental backup: is an option that copies data that are changed or created since the last backup activity performed and supports VMware (CBT) Changed Block Tracking to improve incremental backups.
  • Compatibility. VMware ESXi can discover vital hypervisor hosts installed directly onto your physical server. Also, access and control of resources can effectively partition hardware, reduce applications, be compatible with VMware vCenter for management, and shorten costs. 
  • Compression or Deduplication: Deduplication extracts redundant data blocks. However, compression dismisses extra redundant data within each data block. These features reduce the size of backups while reducing the space for storage requirements and traffic on the network. 
  • Volume Shadow-Copy Service (VSS): An MS Windows feature can provide backup copies or snapshots of volumes or files while using files on a shared network resource, such as a file server. Also, it offers faster recovery of deleted or changed files. 
  • Multiple storage options. Backup persistent storage controls the data when the device is unpowered. It can be saved in the computer’s hard drive or SSD or Cloud storage Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Egnyte Connect.

Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam VMware backup solution is one of the best disaster recovery and data management solutions for virtual, physical, and multi-cloud environments. It provides a backup solution, data protection, and hybrid cloud management problems.

Moreover, the Veeam Backup and Replication has a backup and recovery solution that lets you store photographs, perform VMware vms backups, run replications, and provide continuous data protection.

In addition, to store snapshots, Veeam’s complete backup solution makes you perform application-aware backups and image-based backups utilizing snapshot storage technology. 

However, you can move those backup copies to the public clouds. When restoring a VMware backup, you can recover individual files and application items or perform a complete disaster recovery.


  • Incremental backups. It provides forward and switches incremental backups using (CBT) Changed Block Tracking.
  • Image-level backups of VSS-aware apps. Ensuring the application consistency for backups in VSS-aware apps such as SQL, Exchange, AD, etc.
  • Instant Recovery Engine. It has a next-generation recovery system that offers admiringly adaptable image-level backups. You can recover at once recovery a file, a VM, or multiple VMs. 
  • SureBackup® and SureReplica. It has the best two automated recovery tests that guarantee backup and replicates recoverability.
  • Reduced recovery footprint. You can recover individual files and disks instead of recovering large VMware VMs. 
  • Proactive alerting and reporting. It can alert and report you by sending you notifications. Also, it has more than 340 current alarms and 150 pre-built reports.

Vembu BDR Suite

Vembu is one of the best in the Backup and Disaster Recovery industry for SMBs. Their flagship product is the Vembu BDR Suite for VMware backup solution, a full backup and disaster recovery for VMware virtual machines or multiple VMS and Hyper-V to handle physical and Cloud workloads.

Furthermore, Vembu (BDR) Backup and disaster recovery have agentless technology to run backups at the image-level of VMware VMs running on vCenter Server and ESXi host. 

The backup software can perform full, incremental backup using VMware’s CBT technology. Vembu also provides VMware replication to create a duplicate copy of a live VM and replicate it in another vCenter Server or ESXi host. 

Also, the Vembu backup solution can recover and restore your VMs instantly. You can perform granular recovery of files or application items or complete VM recovery at the disk level.


  • Agentless technology: Agentless backup is created to keep the benefit of the agent-based backup solution without the cost per server. You can install a backup agent VM instead of on each VM. It doesn’t require Host Level and vCenter Level backup and restore.
  • Application-Aware: snapshot backups are like application-aware backups. They work with the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy on a block-level basis that resides on VMware, Hyper-V, and Physical Windows servers. 
  • Instant VM Boot: It restores instant Physical Machines by reading the backup data and proceeding to create VHD, VHDX, VMDK, and IMG disks encrypted from the storage without occupying any physical storage.
  • Automatic Backup Verification: The backup verification process is done in the Vembu BDR backup server. It has three verification tests for image-level backups of VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs, and Physical Windows machines. 

Unitrends Backup

The Unitrends Backup software is one of the best VMware backup solutions to serve all solutions starting from deduplication, archiving, instant recovery, backup and replication capabilities. However, it is appropriate for middle size MSPs, companies, and enterprises.

Moreover, the backup solution offers both guest and hypervisor-level protection and provides complete agentless protection for VMWare vSphere.

It protects VMs ESXi and ESXi-free, and its management capabilities can also be fully merged with vCenter and vCloud.

Also, Unitrends Backup has options that provide an application-level aware backup to ensure all backup copies of data are consistent. It has application-aware VSS backups for running VMware VMs, and Microsoft apps like MS Exchange, Active Directory, SQL, and SharePoint. 


  • UniView. It can show you the status, alerts, reports, jobs, etc., as it is a single unified and centralized management hub.
  • Detects Ransomware attacks: It can detect the hackers and Ransome attacks by analyzing Machine Learning and predictive analysis to detect Ransomware.
  • Instant Recovery for VMware. It has the backed VMDK that connects to the new VM to host vSphere and creates a unique feature for the VM shell on the target. 
  • Automatic Testing: Automatic backup is mainly helping through backup software that automatically the entire backup process. You can backup files, folders, and systems without human conciliation. Automated backups simplify backup procedures to drive instant recovery for application restores. 
  • Global deduplication: A policy-based dynamic involvement and detection of VMs for fast recovery provides maximum reservation and Dynamic VM inclusion. 

Altaro VM Backup

Altaro has one of the best VMware backup solutions to develop robust backup solutions for any business or organization. 

Any IT resellers, consultants, and MSPs have an icebreaker solution, Altaro VM Backup. It offers a full backup, instant recovery, backup, and replication for VMware VMs and Hyper-V.

Beside, Altaro VM Backup offers a single-view dashboard to survey. It can manage and run faster backup and restore across all VMware hosts. With a similar dashboard, you can schedule retentivity policies to introduce automation by copying and pasting VMs into Altaro VM Backup.

Additionally, it has an automated backup verification to check the validates all backups virtue features. Also, you can make a copy of data to an offsite location or any removable disk.


  • Copy backups to the Cloud: Altaro VM Backup merges with great techs such as Azure, AWS S3, and Wasabi cloud data center. 
  • Granular Restore. The solution provides granular restore capabilities to restore individual files, entire VMs, or emails. 
  • Instant VM Boots: It provides instant boots from any version directly from the backup location without affecting backup integrity. 
  • Backup Health Monitor: It can proactively keep tracking the backup storage’s health for better service. 
  • CDP: Continuous Data Protection reduces frequent backups to as low as every five minutes.

Bottom line

How to choose the best VMware backup solution? There are many great options available and a time backup facility. That’s why each of them offers free trials. 

However, to help run effectively and faster, you must use a tool to control orphaned VMDK files before backup the VM environment.

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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