Is Storage Craft Secure and Effective?

Is Storage Craft Secure and Effective?
Updated On: July 13, 2023

Data loss is the last thing that any network administrator or even an individual would like to experience. While this systems and data loss situation is troublesome for every computer user, network administrators perceive most of its impact. It is so because instead of only one computer, they are in-charge of plenty of systems that are connected in any virtual and physical Windows network or a server. Taking this trouble in mind, ShadowProtect SPX of the Storage Craft organization jumped into the world of data backup and recovery. Storage Craft is known for handling users’ data as its own. Therefore, this sense of ownership has enabled the company to bestow its users with consistent uptime, high-grade security, and high caliber efficacy. However, given the fierce competition in this sector, many IT organizations are reluctant to opt for such software. For them, it is hard to say if Storage Craft rapidly and reliably recovers their data. It may also be due to the fact that prospective customers are unable to understand that how can Storage Craft beat established cloud storage business holding unique value proportion. If you are also tangled in the same situation and looking for an effective and secure data backup and recovery solution, then keep reading!

how Storage Craft is Secure and Effective?

In order to comment on the security and effectiveness of the Storage Craft, it is important to first know that how Storage Craft claims its solutions to be effective. For this, the following are the key features that address the effectiveness and security of the Storage Craft:

AES 256-Bit Encryption

As far as the security of the data is concerned, Storage Craft has incorporated 256-bit military-grade encryption technology to recover and migrate vulnerable data without any interception. For this, all users are given the control to encrypt their data prior to storing it on Storage Craft servers. After this, as long as users’ data stay on the company’s servers, it remains encrypted. Thereby, ensuring stern security of the data.

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N+1 Redundant Power

Many cloud aspirants agree on the efficacy of cloud storage, but they all come to the point that how stern would security be if due to any cause servers lose electric power. Because they believe that in such case they won’t be able to access their virtual data and therefore no efficacy of the cloud storage would remain. To negate this perspective, Storage Craft has incorporated an N+1 redundant power network in its data center where continuous power is ensured via battery systems to let users reliably backup recover their data. Moreover, this N+1 formula not only applies to the server’s power systems but is also applicable to the cooling and internet access systems.

FM200 Gaseous Fire Fighting Systems

Data centers may subject to uncertain situations and in those uncertain situations, fire in electronic components tops the list. To negate this probability, Storage Craft has enacted FM200 gaseous firefighting system with which fire can be extinguished without causing any damage to the data center hardware. Such an advanced fire fighting system enables Storage Craft to protect users’ data rapidly and physical Windows and Linux systems with a single attempt.

Server Protection

To make sure that the performance of the servers does not get hampered by any environmental constraints, Storage Craft has introduced a hi-tech HVAC system. With these advanced HVAC systems, the company can monitor as well as control the temperature and humidity of the data center, thereby ensuring optimal performance of the servers.

Physical Security of the Datacenter

In addition to digitally securing the data center, Storage Craft has also enacted measures to secure the datacenter physically. Storage Craft data center is guarded 24/7 with the retinal and palm scan biometric system for accessing the vicinity. But this does not mean that every employee of Storage Craft can access the data center. Instead only those carrying valid identification would be allowed to access the data center facility. In addition to this, remote management teams stay vigilant to track and record the data center personnel activities in the facility. With such a stern security and access control system, Storage Craft develops a trustworthy environment for the data security aspirants like you to migrate your virtual data onto its servers.

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Not only Storage Craft infrastructure is secure and stern, but it has also invested sheerly in its hardware to make sure that the uptime lets Storage Craft ace through its competitors. With the reported uptime of 99.99%, Storage Craft surely places a valid bar of efficacy for all people aspiring to backup their data on cloud servers.


The geographical location of the data centers is the prime concern of sophisticated users and prime IT companies. Storage Craft manages a datacenter across two locations, where one data center is located in the eastern U.S. and the other one is based in the mid-west region of the U.S. Storage Craft leaves it up to the users to store their data to the data center of their choice. Moreover, Storage Craft also allows concerned users to mirror their backups to both of the datacenters and that is accessible regardless of their membership tier.


Given the competitiveness of the cloud storage market, you have a fair chance of doubting Storage Craft’s security and product efficacy. However, the above factors provide a very fine ground to outnumber these doubts with the facts. Storage Craft takes on to legitimize its security by offering AES 256-bit encryption, stern physical security measures, and a modern firefighting system. Similarly, its consistent uptime, n+1 redundant power, and dual geographical locations of the data center validate the efficacy of its cloud storage solutions. With such validations, there is no harm in classifying Storage Craft as secure and effective.

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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