All you need to know about AWS Backup

All you need to know about AWS Backup
Updated On: July 13, 2023

The growth of the internet is leading to a rapid increase in the data being created. Users are subscribing to more and more services each day. On top of that, each user is being presented with a wide range of digital devices. This amount of reliance on the internet for personal and business use is also causing the value of data to grow. As such, it is extremely important to back up what is being stored online. AWS Backup Amazon Web Services allows users to store information online on the cloud. This presents an efficient storage option as opposed to traditional physical storage systems. But, how do you make sure that data on the cloud is also backed up? This is where Amazon Web Services Backup comes in.

What’s Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a dynamic growing business unit within It allows users to store information on a cloud storage platform. Through AWS, Amazon provides users the ability of cloud computing for small, medium and large size storage.

To elaborate, cloud storage platforms allow information to be stored over the internet. As such, they act as an alternative to storage devices which mostly include USB Flash Drives or External Hard Drives. Storing data in the cloud is advantageous for data storage because the issue of limited storage capacity on physical storage systems is removed. Users can update their storage plan on Amazon Web Services (AWS) whenever storage capacity starts to run out.

Cloud storage services such as AWS also allow easy access to data and the ability to manage it. In essence, a ‘cloud’ is a term used for a storage space available on the internet. Here, users are given the ability to store this information online. This is being facilitated through a data center at the backend.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) currently acts as Amazon’s largest revenue source. This is because of the number of governments, businesses and personal users who use it for ease in storage and backup.

Why’s Backup Important?

You never know when you might run the risk of losing valuable information. Your data being stored on the cloud such as on AWS can also be at risk of being lost. This can be due to any human or technical error. Even if the probability is low that information on the cloud might be lost, it is important especially for businesses to plan their data storage options.

A loss of information can possibly result in a financial loss. Not to mention the time that is required to recover the data if the option is present. This vulnerability to data loss presents the need for a system that cost effectively manages this information. Secondly, it is important that it is a secure and reliable platform. Thus, AWS presents such an option for backup of the data on its cloud computing platform.

AWS Backup

AWS Backup

With AWS Backup, users can backup information stored on a number of AWS services. It provides a central platform that makes it easy to strategically manage your backups. AWS backup presents an exciting opportunity for developers. They can set up their own policies for backing up data from apps and other sources. This can be on AWS services, such as AWS Storage Gateway Volumes, RDS databases, EFS File systems, Amazon EBS volumes and DynamoDB tables.

Amazon S3 Glacier is responsible for backing up this information by default. But, users are given the authority to set up their own backup policy structure. For example, the users can choose between either keeping the data backed up in cold storage or deleting the information after a certain period of time. This presents the opportunity for scalability and customization, by setting up a storage system according to the user’s budget.

After the process of setting up a custom policy is done, the system is automated to back up the data as setup. The price charged for this service is the same as that charged for snapshot features. But, a per-GB price is charged for file system backup. This makes backup and recovery easier than ever before on AWS.

Within AWS, a feature called EC2 Instances exists. It gives users the computing capacity to run applications on the cloud. This is done by choosing the appropriate CPU, networking capacity or storage capacity required to efficiently run the application in question. This helps users limit the physical systems required to manage applications. It also offers scalability to update any of these resources with changes in application development. With AWS backup, these applications can be set up to automatically backup the information being processed on the cloud. This helps developers strategically plan for all possible outcomes.

This presents a lucrative opportunity within software development to developers, such as support engineers, development engineers, account managers. It also helps to efficiently manage the applications being run on a number of AWS services.

With AWS Backup, users can automate the backup process with a number of AWS services. This helps efficiently manage the data being uploaded on the cloud computing platform and save time and resources. These could be the resources that might have been spent keeping track of all system data and changes in physical storage systems. AWS Backup helps guarantee that the data is being efficiently managed on an offsite platform.

The current technological changes in the market can result in a significant financial loss if valuable information on digital devices is lost. This is why it’s extremely important to strategically place backup files in a number of alternative platforms. With AWS Backup, AWS users get the same opportunity.

All you need to know about AWS Backup

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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