Best Office 365 Sharepoint Backup Solution for Your Business

Best Office 365 Sharepoint Backup Solution for Your Business
Updated On: July 13, 2023

For Microsoft 365 users, having a complete and flexible backup and recovery strategy in place is becoming increasingly crucial. It ensures that files are safe from ransomware assaults and any mistakenly erased data can be quickly restored.

Microsoft Office 365 does not come with native backup from Microsoft. Actually, the default settings only generally secure data for 30 to 90 days.

The Best Office 365 SharePoint Backup Solutions will make the point in time to copy the file, database, or entire computer hard drive, provide you the data backup and give data protection. If any data gets deleted, hacked, or attacked by Ransomware, you’ll be able to get a fresh copy of your data ready to be used. 

Therefore, it is a must to keep a backup of your office 365 files and in this blog post, we are going to discuss the best backup solutions out there to safely protect your office 365 files. 


Acronis offers backup software, disaster recovery, and a secure data access provider from hackers. Also, Acronis’s Cyber Backup software is the fastest recovery solution on the market and presents file-folder backup, disaster recovery, protected file sync, and share feature. 

Moreover, Acronis’ run VM tech gives quick recovery minimizing the disturbance and expanding company productivity. And to purchase Cyber backup or with Acronis Cyber protect solution includes automated backups, web and endpoint protection. 

Also, it has proactive ransomware protection powered by AI (Artificial intelligence) technology, preventing encryption and unauthorized fike modification. The authenticity of backup copies is verified before granular restoration, security, and reliability. 

Moreover, the admin can handle all data protection tasks via the Cyber Backup management console. The admins can assess information from anywhere globally as the console is web-based. 

Cyber Backup has flexible no matter the size of data or where it’s stored, such as cloud and mobile media. It is secure and protected from all company data sources over 20 + different virtuals. Plus, Acronis products and documentation are launched in 25 other languages making it one of the Best Office 365 SharePoint Backup Solutions. 

Acronis’s target industrial data protection solutions designed mainly for healthcare, energy, automotive, and government verticals. Moreover, the client’s review reports that the Acronis’ solution is manageable and easy to install. 

This makes Acronis’ Cyber Backup and recovery an ideal 365 backup and restores solution for lower to huge worldwide enterprises searching for data protection customized to their industry needs.

BackUp Everything

Backup Everything is one of the best solutions that offer optimum backup solutions for business data. Moreover, its disaster recovery and secure data access ensure optimum security from hackers and breachers. 

That’s not all; Backup Everything software is the fastest recovery solution on the market and even presents file-folder backup, protected file sync, and share features. 

Its CloudProtect365  solution includes automated backups, and web and endpoint protection and is also considered one of the best.

Also, it has proactive ransomware protection powered by AI (Artificial intelligence) technology, preventing encryption and unauthorized fike modification. The authenticity of backup copies is verified before granular restoration, security, and reliability. 

Moreover, the admin can handle all data protection tasks via the Cyber Backup management console. The admins can assess information from anywhere globally as the console is web-based. 

Backup Everything is also compatible with systems like Linux, iOS, Windows, Mac, and also Android. And if you wonder about Cloud Services, then through this software you’ll have Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Google Workplace, and many more. 

In contrast, Backup Everything is indeed one of the best data protection software available that can keep your important documents and business files well secured. 


Altaro has SMBs and MSPs making it a market-leading backup vendor and recovery solution. Altaro Office 365 Backup and recovery have their MS O365 replication and restoration software solution that concentrates on backing up mailboxes and files stored within OneDrive and SharePoint. 

Furthermore, it is cloud-based making it efficient to install and configure. Also, a solution is manageable through a central cloud management console that gives the authority to the admin to configure complete and granular data restorations.

Admins can handle and scan an organization’s comprehensive backup via a single online console, where they can watch present operational activity, the organization’s health status, and restoration history. 

Organizations can restore the public folder’s mailbox by sending recovery content to the original mailbox, a different organization mailbox, and the user chooses a secure zip file through a console. 

Additionally, Altaro has the Best Office 365 SharePoint Backup Solutions that assemble copies four times a day of emails, contacts, calendars, attachments, and files stored within SharePoint and Onedrive. Altaro’s Microsoft Azure groundwork allows users to benefit from granular restoration.

OneDrive and SharePoint backups are restored destinations similarly with the same options. Users are directed through the restoration by a simple step-by-step dialog, making the process quick and easy.

Altaro Office 365 Backup is exceptionally measured. It’s excellent for small organizations and large enterprises searching for a recovery solution for Office 365 mailboxes, SharePoint, and OneDrive document libraries.

Moreover, Altaro provides excellent customer service. They are 24/7 available and have a response time of 30n seconds less. 

Druva Phoenix

Druva provides data protection across cloud applications, and endpoints through a SaaS platform and data centers, making it the Best Office 365 SharePoint Backup Solutions. To decrease administrative overhead while using the native cloud architecture, allowing clients to simplify their security. 

Due to the cloud-native solution, it can secure the amount of data from ransomware attacks, human error, and compliance requirements holes in data retention guidelines

Druva Phoenix detects insider threats before any accidental damage can be done. Due to accidental deletion, the solution restores data to its original location with an automated backup search to restore feature. Also, protect from ransomware, and notify users of data risks.

To simplify cleaning, it separates data and metadata to recover and restore quickly. The admins can view data activities and their Microsoft Office 365 data and projects from the dashboard, making it easy to detect sensitive data risks to prevent. 

The same data retention policy covers backup and recovery solutions so admins can easily monitor data compliance requirements. 

 Admins can monitor recovery activity across all protected devices from a single interface, and their location doesn’t matter within 15 minutes of purchasing a subscription. Admins can manage their data through one interface.  

Also, Druva’s Cloud Platform has an MS O365 backup that provides disaster recovery and endpoint backup. They are available on-premise, and in the cloud, and due to comprehensive backup, they can cover branch/remote offices plus an organization’s main office. Druva Phoenix is a cloud-based software and doesn’t need any infrastructure installation. 

It is a solid, comprehensive SaaS backup and recovery solution for medium and enterprise organizations.

Rubrik Polaris

Rubrik has three primary backup and recovery solutions products, and it presents the Best Office 365 SharePoint Backup Solutions. 

  • Rubrik Cloud Data Management core backup platform
  • Polaris, their SaaS-based platform
  • Mosaic, protection from NoSQL workloads.

First, Rubrik Polaris offers hybrid cloud enterprise recovery for their Microsoft O365 applications, with instant data backup and leveraging advanced search tools and granular restoration to mitigate data loss.

Moreover, customers can perform full restores but more granular restorations, such as a OneDrive folder or individual email, due to its scalable and comprehensive backup with the organization’s O365 environment. It has a file-level search tool for consumers to recover smoothly from data loss by finding specific backups quickly. 

Polaris features Radar that allows the solution to quickly trace down and remediate ransomware threats, hackers, or environments for any unusual activity before they cause damage. Also, feature radar uses machine learning to monitor the Polaris backup and ensures that threat detection is up to date, assuring data against recent and occurring threats.

Admins can control complete centralized management and reporting tools for all on-premise and cloud devices from a single platform. They can view all backup and recovery activity and automate policy assignments usually useful for large-scale MS O365 environments.

Organizations can protect their data within minutes after purchasing a subscription to Rubrik Polaris. This solution is compatible and connects with other subscriptions such as Office 365 and Azure via OAuth. 

Rubrik Polaris has encrypted all data and metadata that remain within the organization’s Azure subscription. It also has a robust backup and recovery solution for larger enterprises searching for effective backup vendors and business-critical, easy to manage and install. 

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Veeam has a worldwide market leader in backup and recovery solutions, and it holds the highest market share in EMEA 

  • Europe, 
  • the Middle East and 
  • Africa 

Also, it holds the third-largest share worldwide, around 82% of Fortune 500 companies, and trust this backup vendor with their data. 

Veeam offers customization solutions to fit business-critical. Their backup and recovery solutions are one of the most popular flagship products. 

For Microsoft Office 365, Veeam offers Veeam Backup as a product to protect and restore Microsoft O365 data, OneDrive, Office 365 mailboxes, SharePoint, Exchange, OneNote, and Teams.

Moreover, Veeam backup enables users to often back up their data in Microsoft’s native format for Microsoft Office 365, making file recovery quicker. 

The flexibility is beneficial to a solution. Veeam has 25 recovery options to recover from complete recovery to more granular restoration file-level recovery. Also, it offers to choose retention such as snapshot-based incremental storage or traditional item-level storage.

Also, flexibility makes Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 a robust solution for midmarket and enterprise organizations searching for 365 backup and recovery.

Organizations can store their data anywhere that best suits them: 

  • On-premise 
  •  Cloud 
  • AWS S3, 
  • Azure Blob 
  • IBM Cloud.

Veeam Solution is easily manageable via a user-friendly dashboard once configured interface. The initial setup can be complex for hybrid environments, significantly. 

However, for small businesses, Veeam has recently introduced Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Community Edition, which provides free data protection to 10 users with no feature limitations. So for larger enterprises or small businesses, Veeam has and can customize the  Best Office 365 SharePoint Backup.

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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