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Data Backup – Hard Drive or Online Backup?

Hard Drive or Online Backup | Backup Everything

Data Backup– Well this is the age old question, do I stick or twist, do I change the way I think, am I too much into my comfort zone that I just can’t be bothered. The best way to get an informed view is to naturally look at the pros and cons of both.

No frills, no hassle, just plug it in and copy the data to it. There is a small cost to purchase the hard drive whether you buy this new or from the likes of Ebay but still the process is easy for anyone to do. There are different models and sizes but it’s always best to get something that the storage is above your data backup needs. Sounds strange but if your computer has only a 512GB hard drive, why not buy a 1TB drive so in future you can always add more to it therefore not having to go back to this process again.

The negative, what happens if it falls, it might not necessarily break but internally it might not function as required so it’s a risk relying on it if you ever want to recover data later.

Data Backup - External Hard drive | Ala Official

Data Backup – Online Backup

Data gets backed up automatically from your computer via your internet connection to a secure location. Nearly all providers will have a solution that is automated and it will be a fairly simple process for the home or small business user. Just click the files and folders you want to backup and that should be it. No need to worry about your computer breaking down or carrying around external hard drives or for small amounts of data USB sticks.

The cons, well this is what you interpret as a disadvantage. The stereotype of something leaving your premises and it not being secure so others can see your sensitive files is always there. However this is changing and people are more adhering to this procedure. Cost, yes that dreaded word. It will be more than having another hard drive to backup your data but then as above what happens if you never can restore data if your hard drive fails. Does cost come into it then?

The questions to ask yourself is how valuable is your information, do you feel it is priceless, in which case you have to do something for your data backup requirements. Or do you think yes it’s important but not worth paying more for and I’ll get over it quickly should the worse happen.

Cost and convenience, you could say it comes down to this. The concept of data backup is not new but still it’s not on many peoples high priority list. Like with anything, if something goes wrong (and I stress if) then one would look at what to do only then. Is it worth taking a chance though and can you live with yourself if you have lost for example your kids baby photos?

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