Do we really need Cloud Backup?

Do we really need Cloud Backup?
Updated On: July 13, 2023

Cloud Backup – this term that we all pretend to know to save ourselves embarrassment in front of fellow colleagues and friends but really – what is it?

The first thing is to decide are you looking at this as a consumer/home user or as a business owner. Why is this important? – Well every business owner has to go home so they are both or if you’re an IT Manager responsible for a business then you need to go home also, therefore the data that resides on a “Business” server is different to the data that is on a “Home” PC.

Let’s look at it like this – what is more painful to lose – a photo of your kids graduation on your “Home” PC or an excel spreadsheet that lists all your customers information on your “Business” Server? The answer is both – let’s try again – what will have the more impact to your everyday life from a monetary viewpoint resulting in your business not being able to trade – simple now, of course the excel spreadsheet.

This is where Backup comes into it, note deliberately, we are saying Backup, not Cloud Backup at this stage. To have a single copy of any file is opening yourself to losing that piece of info, granted the culture and mentality of thinking, I’ve never lost a file in years comes into it, but the reality is, it could happen to you. The free way of backing up is to transfer your data to an external USB drive and have a second copy that way, you might not do this all the time but you still do it.

Taking this a step higher, see how we are going to the cloud….what happens if your Home PC crashes or your Business Server breaks down, how will you get your files back, the answer is once its gone its gone so there is nothing you can do apart from retrieve it from your USB backup. But when did you last do the USB backup, yesterday, last week, last month etc? That’s the latest version you will get back only – is that fine for you?

Ok, we are in agreement, you need something else to backup your data, now the term Cloud Backup comes into play. In simple terms you are backing up your data to an offsite location away from your Home or Office so if ever needed you can restore and get the most recent files back. Automated, secure, job done, thank you very much. But wait…..costs!!

The caveat that we all fear, how much is Cloud Backup going to cost, who on earth do we trust to protect the data, it’s not like there’s a Skyscanner type website that can just show us a list and we select the cheapest supplier suited to our needs. Now, going on google and typing in Cloud Backup opens up a plethora of vendors either who are paying to be on the top via the “AD” sign or organically on page 1 to a zillion – yes there are so many and those that store data in UK or USA so now compliance, GDPR, personal choice all come into it. At this point you can be forgiven to think, well actually, I’ll be extra careful from now on and make sure nothing happens to my files….but can you afford to take this chance.

Going back to the beginning, are you reading this as a Home user or Business User? If you’re a Home user, you will probably think, I will be upset losing my files but I have a job and can still earn so no big deal but as a Business owner or someone with IT responsibilities within a  business you can’t say the same – you have to something in place, end of story. Don’t ever get to the Why didn’t I? Moment…

Ok so the search for a provider is on via google to backup your business data, you may put Cloud Backup UK, Cloud Backup for Small Business, Cheap Cloud Backup, who knows but still you find some providers and like the colours and look of their website.

Cloud Backup | Backup Everything

Now what? – Here is a quick checklist you can ask any provider:

  • Where is the data stored?
  • Can you visit the Data centre?
  • Are the data centres ISO 27001 certified?
  • Can you do local backups and cloud backups?
  • Can you do disk seeding via post if needed and also can a disk be posted for data recovery if needed?
  • Is the company recognised externally, do not believe marketing text on a website?
  • Are charges on compressed data or uncompressed?
  • Do you have support and setup costs?

So we have established that “Business” data can not be not backed up, for “Home” data that is a personal choice, you can choose a provider that is cheap and cheerful that does the job or something more top heavy that gives you an added layer of security rather that have a USB backup as before.

Do we really need Cloud Backup? – After reading this blog post I hope it gives you some idea of which way to think, yes you need to backup or in simpler terms you need a second copy of a file. Cloud or no-Cloud and the downtime costs both emotionally and financially if nothing is in place has to be weighed up against the costs and the offering a Cloud Backup vendor will give you.

Backup Everything are a UK based Cloud Backup company predominately geared to backing up data for Companies, Start-Ups and Small Business Owners, with over 1500 customers and cost effective solutions, please contact us for a friendly chat and more information.

Author – Saaher Muzafer, Managing Director @ Backup Everything

Do we really need Cloud Backup?

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

We pride ourselves on having a cloud backup solution for everyone as every business has a different requirement. Whether you want to backup Servers, Virtual Machines or Microsoft 365 we will have something for you. Our alignment is not with any vendor or product but with the best fit for your backup and disaster recovery needs. Contact us anytime for a transparent chat about what we have and what is there in the market today, I am sure we will be able to help you.

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