Factors to be considered while searching a Secure Cloud Storage Platform

Factors to be considered while searching a Secure Cloud Storage Platform
Updated On: July 13, 2023

Secure Cloud Storage – Making sure that your digital data is safe can be extremely important. Traditional physical storage methods present the option to isolate the information by storing on a device that could only be accessed physically. But, as more and more of our personal and business data move towards the internet, it also runs the risk of being compromised.

With cloud storage, users are no longer limited by storage capacity. This also provides other benefits, such as being cost-effective and scalable. But, the issue of making sure that this information does not fall into the wrong hands presents a major risk. Let’s see how this risk can be minimized.

What’s Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage allows information to be stored online on a virtual platform. Here, the physical system supporting such a service exists on the backend in the form of data centers. The data centers are continuously running to keep your information stored on the online cloud storage service. Even in the case where a data center fails, the standard practice of cloud computing makes sure multiple copies of the same file exist.

A number of cloud storage services exist for users and provide a number of advantageous. Traditional storage methods of using a physical storage device such as a hard disk or flash drive to store information, present the issue of limited storage capacity. Because of this, users have to be careful about what they’re storing so as to not run out of storage space. But, a cloud storage service eliminates this problem. This is done by giving users the option to continuously purchase extra storage space when they start to run out of it. This also allows the opportunity of scalability and cost reduction.

Another added advantage of using cloud storage is the ease of accessibility. This allows you to access your files from a wide range of devices such as your mobile app, etc. Here, users can automate the storage process by choosing the file sync feature given by most services. But, majorly the primary advantage of cloud storage present itself in backing up information.

A number of cloud storage services present users with a limited amount of free storage space as a form of a free trial process. Here, a cloud storage service might give users storage such as say 5GB of storage space to use. Our top picks for cloud storage services include Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Office 365 and OneDrive.

So, we can see how advantageous cloud storage can be. But, the next question that any person might ask is: Is the data safe?

Secure Cloud Storage

Protecting your Files: Is Cloud Storage Secure?

Sharing files on the internet, no matter how secure they might be, always runs the risk of valuable information being compromised. This is because the information is being stored over a network. And so, a risk of data being leaked is always present. But, this does not mean that the chances of such a scenario are likely, rather that they just exist.

Contrary to this, physical storage systems also present a risk of data being compromised. This can be through theft of the storage device that can also cause data to be stolen. In such a situation, cloud storage services are being run by security professionals who make sure that your data is safe. So, the user can use such services with a high level of assurance.

To make sure your data is safe, it is also very important to choose the safest cloud storage service from a number of options that exist. In such a scenario, security presents itself as a primary factor along with cost and convenience, when choosing between secure cloud storage services.

To start, users must be careful to password protect any valuable information. It is also important to make sure the password is only known to the relevant people. A number of factors can be used to judge a cloud storage service’s security.

Choosing a Secure Cloud Storage Service

A loss of valuable information possibly results in a potential financial loss. This is why it’s important to look at certain security features. These can help decide the most efficient and secure cloud storage service.

The first indicator of a secure cloud storage service is the use of advanced firewalls. Advanced firewalls help identify the contents of the packet by assessing any security threats. In contrast, simple firewalls do not examine the packet contents. Rather, they focus on the data at the source and destination.

The second indicator can be detecting any intruders from accessing the stored files. To elaborate, most online cloud storage platforms allow multiple users to access stored data, given that they possess the proper credentials. But, this can result in the risk of an unwanted intruder logging into the system. An efficient cloud storage service will have a process in place for intruder detection.

Event logging presents itself as another option in helping secure files stored online. Within this process, the data being transferred over a network is examined and events are being logged. When actions being performed over a network are examined, it helps understand any possible threat that might be present over a network.

Another factor that helps increase security over a cloud storage platform is the use of internal firewalls. Internal firewalls help limit access to data within a single account. This means that while some users might have access to all of the information on the account, other users can be given limited access. This helps increase network security.

A primary factor contributing to network security can be the use of encryption to make sure that even in case of data leaks, the files are encrypted. Encryption keys help unwanted users from accessing the files even if they are not allowed to view them.

In essence, a secure cloud storage platform helps users move away from conventional storage methods to save cost and increase convenience.

Factors to be considered while searching a Secure Cloud Storage Platform

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