What are the Best Cloud Storage Providers?

What are the Best Cloud Storage Providers?
Updated On: July 13, 2023

With the advent of cloud computing and cloud storage services, everything now is becoming cloud-oriented. This trend has become so mainstream that it is now an essential part of any progressive business plan. Cloud storage does not require on-site storage space, so businesses don’t have to worry about maintaining storage hardware. Besides that, the possibility to have unlimited storage just by paying a small fee brings lots of benefits for businesses. But the hurdle individuals and businesses face is mainly finding the cloud storage service that is best in terms of services and data security. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best cloud storage providers and shed some light on their features and price plans.

Best Cloud Storage Providers

There are a lot of cloud storage providers that can store your files, documents, and important data in the cloud, but do all deliver the same efficient service? This is the question that lots of people think of. The best cloud storage provider is the one that seamlessly transfers data to the cloud, lets accessing your files hassle-free from anywhere in real time, ensures data security, along with many other features. Following are some of the cloud storage providers that can be declared as one of the best ones in the market:

Backup Everything

In the world of cloud services, Backup Everything holds a very distinctive identity due to its client-oriented packages and excellent services. Its PC or MAC backup services can be availed against the payment of £5 per month. In this package, it offers a minimum of 50 GB per machine storage space, which can be further extended against the payment of 10p per GB per month. Besides that, this package also offers excellent cloud services for both Windows and MAC OS along with free setup and support through the subscription period. Other offerings include email alerts, web-portal access, data compression, AES 256-bit encryption, flexible retention policies, ransomware protection, regulatory compliance, and automatically backup of data.

Google Drive

Who does not know about the dependence of the internet on Google services? From a world-famous search engine to one of the most used email service, Google has taken everyone by storm. Taking on this legacy, Google rolled out its cloud online storage service named Google Drive. Google Drive gives 15 GB of free cloud storage and file sharing services to every Google user. This free storage can be extended against the payment of $1.99 per month for 100 GB or $19.99 per annum. Google also has another subscription where 200 GB can be subscribed by paying $2.99 per month and 2TB can be subscribed by paying $9.99 per month. All of its packages offer excellent family sharing options where the single account can be used to cater to the storage needs of the whole family. With easy integration with Google Docs, Google photo storage, and other Google and third-party services, Google Drive is surely great cloud storage for anyone deemed to have one for all.

Cloud | Backup Everything

Apple iCloud

When it comes to quality and reliability, there is hardly any other tech company that can compete with Apple. Apple is known as the premium tech brand of the world. Besides providing tech products, Apple also provides well-reputed cloud services with the name iCloud. All Apple users get 5 GB of free cloud storage, and after this, some premium is charged. For example, a 50 GB plan can be purchased by paying $0.99/month, a 200 GB file storage plan comes at $2.99/month, and a 2 TB family sharing plan can be subscribed against the payment of $9.99/month. iCloud services are the one-stop place for Apple users, where everything from photos, notes to messages is backed up autonomously. However, users can also define their own backup schedule as well as the directory/folder that is to be backed up. Furthermore, the inclusion of two-factor authentication makes iCloud even more secure to use.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft is a well-known tech brand in the world. Apart from being one of the world’s oldest IT companies to the developers of the most widely used software, Microsoft is like an inspiration for the tech industry. To sustain its sheer legacy, Microsoft also provides cloud services with the name of OneDrive. OneDrive integrates all of the Microsoft services starting from PC backups to MS Office integration. It offers 5 GB of free cloud storage to every Microsoft user. For users who need more cloud storage, OneDrive has multiple subscription plans, such as 100 GB of cloud storage can be purchased by paying $1.99 per month. Moreover, it also has higher storage services for advanced users, where it offers Office 365 integration along with a normal cloud subscription. In this lieu, OneDrive provides 1 TB and 6 TB (1 TB per person) sharing plans equipped with advanced security, Skype, mobile app, and web-based access. The 1 TB plan can be subscribed against the payment of $6.99 per month and the 6 TB plan be subscribed by paying $9.99 per month.


If you are searching for a multi-featured cloud service with a wide range of coverage, then IDrive is a definite choice. It offers multiple device backup, online file synchronization, backup restoration via dedicated storage device that will be shipped to user’s address, availability of file versioning and snapshots, backup cloning along with AES 256-bit encryption, and many other features. IDrive offers all of this initially as free service with up to 5 GB. After this, 250 GB business plan comes at $74.62/year, while 5 TB package for personal use comes at $52.12/year.


The above-mentioned cloud services might have let you realize how fierce is the competition amongst cloud storage providers. Everyone is trying to deliver as many services as possible under a cost-effective figure. If we have to choose the best one among the five services mentioned above, then Backup Everything leads the race. It is due to the fact that it is designed to address the latest cloud storage and backup needs with more advanced features, and have made the whole storage process quite convenient for users.

What are the Best Cloud Storage Providers?

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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