What is the Best Backup Solution for a Small Business?

What is the Best Backup Solution for a Small Business?
Updated On: November 16, 2023

Business is the lifeline of any country’s economy. The country’s economy is gauged from the measures that support small businesses and encourage the establishment of local businesses. It is so because governments cannot guarantee the livelihood of every citizen. Instead, they create an environment where business owners flourish and create jobs for the local community. Since small businesses are more connected to the common people, therefore their sustainability is of pivotal importance. Now in this digital age, apart from capital constraints, these small businesses are forced to combat on technological grounds to stay competitive. With more and more young people participating in the establishment of small businesses, their focus is on making their business digital either via social media integration or e-commerce. However, with this digitality comes the greater duty of care. Being exposed to the cyber world gives rise to many risks, like hacker attacks, where sensitive information such as business bank accounts details may get hacked. Other implications include drive failure, unavailability of data, or theft of record-keeping systems. The answer to all these implications is just one thing, i.e., a backup solution. Can’t figure out how? Keep reading and you’ll know all about the backup solution for small businesses.

Best Backup Solution

With the backup solution, small business owners get equipped with the digital shield whose sole purpose is to protect business data and enact data recovery protocols in case of any menace. In simpler words, rather than investing time in thinking about data protection, business owners can spend the same amount in finding revenue-generating ventures. Since, digital presence is now a necessity for any big, medium, or small enterprise, so in this scenario backup solutions are the only way in which small businesses can stay digitalized while keeping their data protected and accessible during any calamity.

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Now, since the relevance of backup solution for small businesses have been established. It is time to look for the potential backup solution that can prove to be best. Small businesses have many implications, such as capital shortage, scarcity of resources, and less market reach. Keeping in view all of the associated implications, the following are two backup solutions that can stand best for the small businesses:

Local Backup

Local backup are the most traditional and secure way of backing up important business data. In such backups, a business needs to buy basic equipment and some physical space to serve as the data center. Here data is saved over the external hard drives, flash drives, network-attached storage, or compact disks. Out of these four mediums, data backups on the external hard drives is the most common and recommended one. For this, an external hard drive and a computer is required. Here, data will be saved in the same manner as the copy-paste function is done in normal computer operations. Now as the user sees its data requirements to be increasing, then more external hard drives can be purchased and successive data is backed up conventionally. In case of any data loss situation, data can be recovered in a rather straight forward manner where subjected external hard drives will be connected and required data will be recovered. Following are some of the benefits that are associated with the local backups:

  • Non-connectivity with the internet removes the probability of any cyber-attack.
  • The data is not shared with any third party, as complete backups will be prepared locally.
  • No monthly or recurring charges. Just a one-time investment in buying the external hard drives.
  • Data is in-reach, as external hard drives are stored in the workplace.
  • Basic knowledge of computers shall be sufficient to operate local backups.

Cloud Backups

Cloud backups are the most modern and technologically advanced mode of backup solutions. In cloud backups, business data will be saved off-site, thereby saving data from the probability of theft, drive failure, or unauthorized access. Cloud backups operate on the basic principle of cloud computing where remote servers are stationed at the far-flung and a rather safe place. The business owner just buys the subscription, and against that subscription, a certain amount of storage is allocated that the subjected business can use as per its will. The only requirement is to have an active internet connection, an operational device (laptop or desktop computer), and a subscription fee. Once a small business has all of this, cloud backups of the business data can be prepared without buying any equipment or vacating a physical space to accommodate hard drives safekeeping. The employees will just log in to the subscribed cloud platform via provided login credentials and a glimpse of backups will be right in front of the screen. Since data can be accessed from anywhere and can be shared across multiple channels, business owners are in a far better position to globalize their business. In case data recovery is sought, just click on the recovery mode and the data is restored back to the parent directory without causing any disruption to the normal operations. In addition to this, the following are some of the key benefits of cloud storage:

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Remote storage increases the business reachability, as location constraints have been removed.

  • No requirement for a one-time investment in buying hard drives and other data backup equipment.
  • A pay-as-you-use based data backup solution.
  • Accessible from any part of the world via the internet.
  • Enables quick file sharing.

Local Backups vs Cloud Backups

Both of the above-mentioned backup solutions are quite impressive in their own area of operation. Both of them offer a great degree of advantages and seem quite feasible for small businesses. However, given the fact that technology is reshaping the business models and so do their business plan, so in this regard, cloud-based backups is the best backup solution for small businesses. In cloud backups, there is no requirement for a one-time investment and the business pays for what it uses. Therefore, given the capital constraints of small businesses, this seems quite cost-effective. Moreover, features like remote data storage, around-the-globe accessibility, and quick file sharing do reiterate that cloud backup is the best backup solution in the current era.

What is the Best Backup Solution for a Small Business?

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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