A Complete Guide of Storage Craft Procedures in 2021

A Complete Guide of Storage Craft Procedures in 2021
Updated On: July 13, 2023

With the high implications pertaining to systems and data security, backup and recovery systems have become a vital part of any IT system. These systems are so important that they have become part of virtual and physical windows auditing systems. Its importance can also be gauged from the sheer number of backup and recovery software offering competitive services to the aspirants. While they all have the same goal, i.e., to save users’ data from any technical or non-technical calamity, every service provider differs from the other. Capitalizing on the weakness of existing backup and recovery software, Storage Craft came into the market as a comprehensive backup utility. Due to its consistent uptime, data recovery aspects of rapidly and reliably, user-friendly interface, and excellent service delivery, Storage Craft has quite a reputation in the backup and recovery sector. However, in order to legitimize their reputation in the market, it is very important to have a keen look at their procedures in 2021.

Storage Craft Procedures in 2021

ShadowProtect SPX is a trademark of Storage Craft and it is the software that has taken the backup and recovery industry by storm owing to its performance for reliably backup recover of the data. Following are the steps which can serve as the guideline for you to recover and migrate data to Storage Craft servers in 2021:

Step 1. The first step is the initialization step which requires ShadowProtect to be installed. You can easily download and install it from Storage Craft’s website.

Step 2. Once the installation is complete, open ShadowProtect. After this, click on  “NEW” and then click on the Next button on the Backup Wizard Welcome screen.

Step 3. The 3rd step involves directory selection to ease the data recover and migration process. Here select the directory where you would like backups to be taken from. Remember that this would be a source drive. After making the appropriate selection, click “Next”.

Step 4. This step intends to enlist the destination disk. Select the disk that would be used to save backups rapidly and physical Windows and Linux systems with a single click. After selecting the desired disk, click Next. It must be remembered that this disk can be anything, such as a local drive directory, external storage device, or a cloud network too.

Step 5. After destination selection, the next step is backup schedules configuration so that up to date backups are maintained at a regular interval of time. As per Storage Craft, it is recommended to opt for weekly schedules, where Monday should be reserved for Full Backup. In addition to this, it would be a good approach to specify Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for incremental backups.

Step 6. After being done with the day’s selection, now is the time to specify the time of the day when specified backup routines shall run. For this, specify the most suitable time on which full and incremental backups will run as per their designated schedule.

Step 7. Now specify the compression that you would like to apply to your data backups. You can also opt for the default compression method.

Step 8. This step is very crucial to migrating your virtual data to Storage Craft’s servers with peace of mind. So, enter the password to protect the subjected data recovery and backup points. After this, click “Next” and proceed to the next step.

Step 9. This is a comprehensive check stage, where a user is presented with the summary of the jobs that would be done via the above-mentioned procedures. Go through it keenly and proceed to the next step for finalizing Storage Craft configuration procedures.

Step 10. After verifying the procedures, it is now time to conclude this process. However, if you want Storage Craft to begin protecting your data point in time, select the option citing “Execute Now” and then click “Finish”.

Storage craft | Backup everythingAdvanced Procedures

While the above-mentioned procedures provide a valuable guideline, there are some procedures that require special consideration. Depending on the requirements of the users, these procedures can be exploited to make Storage Craft more customized. To do so, locate the options dialog within the wizard and click on the “Advanced” button. For clarity, the following is the summary of different advanced procedures in Storage Craft for 2021:

Backup: As far as backup advanced procedures are concerned, the following can be configured additionally:

  • Free space
  • Performance Throttling
  • The differential of second or subsequent backups
  • Generation of MD5 file during image file creation
  • Ignoring alerts pertaining to read failures

Image: Following advanced procedures are available for Image:

  • Write caching enabling
  • Enabling of concurrent task execution
  • Enabling of self-healing incremental backups
  • Autonomous execution of unexecuted jobs

Command: The following commands can be executed under advanced procedures:

  • Pre-snapshot
  • Post-backup
  • Post-snapshot
  • Timeout value

Encryption: In the advanced options, you are given the privilege to opt encryption level of your choice.

Retention: The retention period is the prime feature to evaluate the reliability of any backup and recovery system. In ShadowProtect by Storage Craft, you can enable the retention policy to configure the duration for which backup shall be kept at your disposal.

Storage craft | Backup everythingConclusion

Storage Craft has earned the reputation of a full-fledge backup and recovery service provider in relatively less duration of time. With the help of the above steps, you can have a clear insight into Storage Craft procedures in 2021, whether it is about getting guidelines on its configuration procedures or getting hold of the advanced options in their backup and recovery utility. The importance of backup is undoubted in the present time whether it an individual personal data or a company’s business data. You never know when a calamity can cause data loss, so having a reliable backup and recovery service is a must. With backup, you can stay assured that no matter the situation, your data is always protected.


Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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