What is the Best Online Mac Backup Cloud?

What is the Best Online Mac Backup Cloud?
Updated On: November 10, 2023

Online Mac Backup Cloud – In this time of digital advancements, there are several reasons that can result in data loss. It could either be a power surge, hard drive failure, some malware, or HFS+ error. Though there isn’t any specific time at which such unfortunate circumstances may happen but if someone loves his/her data, then backup plans are mandatory. Mac is a highly sophisticated operating system, and therefore, it is quite probable that what works fine for Windows could not work well for Mac. However, Mac has a built-in backup utility with the name of Time Machine backups. Here one can opt for local backups supported by Time Machine by setting up Time Machine in lieu with backup frequency, designated directories, and several other attributes. Time Machine backup uses external storage device to prepare backups.

In addition to this, there exist several ways to backup data on Mac, such as external hard drive, iCloud Photos, carbon copy cloner, iCloud Drive, and several other backup software on the app store. But still, all these utilities lag somewhere. Furthermore, the hype of online backups also demands of preparing backups on the cloud.

Top Cloud Backups for Mac

Various factors play a role in deciding the best cloud backup for the Mac, such as pricing, security protocols, accessibility mechanisms, and extent of redundancy. Let’s decide the best one by looking at the general offerings of the prominent cloud backup service providers:

Backup Everything

When it comes to across the platform cloud backup solutions, Backup Everything tops the list. With cloud solutions for every operating system such as Windows, Mac, or Linux, Backup Everything has proved that it has the right credentials to be amongst the top cloud service providers.

Cloud Backup | Backup Everything

Backup Everything offers an extensive backup solution for Mac devices. The base plan starts at £5 per machine for the full month with 50 GB of cloud storage. The Mac online backups come with free setup and support services. Along with these features, Backup Everything also offers e-mail alerts and Web portal so that users can keep track of their selected backups. Other salient features include AES 256-bit encryption, regulatory compliance, data compression, ransomware recovery, and automatic backups.


Backblaze’s cloud services are quite compatible with Mac devices. Backblaze uses AES 128-bit encryption to secure the user’s backup destination from any sort of menace. For those who want tight data security, Backblaze also offers zero-knowledge security. In this method, only the user can set the private encryption key and the same will be used to decrypt the data. But it is so private that even Backblaze does not know about it. So, in case the user forgets the key, all of his/her data will be lost forever. Backblaze also offers two-factor authentication for more comprehensive data security. Moreover, Backblaze has excellent customer services and support networks. In case of recovery, backed up data will be made available in a form of .zip file or it can also be shipped in a flash drive containing a copy of the lost data. Backblaze backup solutions are quite customisable and users can set schedules, system files, photo library, file-type exclusions, and throttling as per their ease. The pricing plan starts at a rate of $6 per month along with unlimited cloud storage.


Carbonite offers a per-device unlimited cloud storage plan with an easy to use and simple setup at any Mac device. It begins to work as soon as the user installs it on the Mac device. However, given the requirements, the user has the option to modify or customize its schedules, backup disks or directories, and retention policies. For data security, Carbonite offers 128-bit encryption, zero-knowledge security, along with the two-factor authentication. However, if someone enables zero-knowledge security, the encryption model shifts to the 256-bit encryption. Carbonite does not offer any file versioning for the Mac devices and offers limited mobile backup. Carbonite’s cloud storage plans start at a rate of $6 per month along with unlimited cloud storage. However, the storage plans are not offered on a monthly subscription and the users have to pay annually.

mac cloud backups | Backup Everything


With the competitive prices, high storage capacities, and an unlimited number of devices, IDrive has a lot to offer for Mac devices. Since being a limited storage cloud backup, the user has to select the folders and directories from where backups will be prepared. This manual setup though seems troublesome but once it is set up, even if the user hasn’t set the backup schedule, backups will be made after every 15mins automatically. IDrive uses 256-bit encryption along with zero-knowledge security. But with zero-knowledge security, the user will lose file syncing and sharing. IDrive offers a competitive pricing plan, but the subscription is available on a yearly basis. Initially, it offers 5 GB of free cloud storage. This allows users to get familiar with the interface. After this, the pricing plan for Mac starts at a rate of $52.12 against 2 TB of cloud storage for one year. This may seem expensive but as long as someone uses this plan on multiple devices and remain with designated storage space, it can prove to be quite affordable.

Final Note

Every cloud storage offers respective benefits for Mac devices but to rank them for features and pricing, Backup Everything does stand at the top position. There are multiple reasons for which Backup Everything is best of all. The cross-platform and over the belt features of backups like file versioning, comprehensive retention policies, automatic backups, free setup and support, and all this in a cost-effective range, makes Backup Everything stand out amongst its competitors.

What is the Best Online Mac Backup Cloud?

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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