What is the Purpose of a Backup Software?

What is the Purpose of a Backup Software?
Updated On: July 13, 2023

In the times when data is at risk of theft or accidental deletion, saving data from the unfortunate circumstance is the biggest issue. With more digital exposure, all sorts of data whether personal or commercial is at risk of loss. Imagine a situation where the company has been storing its important data in one location and all of a sudden something unfortunate happens. The situation becomes even worse when this unfortunate event results in complete data loss. To deal with these unfortunate events, paid and free backup software comes into play. It is basically an application that is used to create duplicate copies of the data, which are supposed to be safeguarded. In case of data loss, this is what eases the process of data recovery.

To create backup, although there is an operating system’s in-built backup software, still it is always wise to use third-party backup software, as they are more reliable, flexible and handier than the in-built ones.

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Purpose of the Backup Software

The primary purpose of the backup software is to create such copies of the vulnerable data which is at risk of failure. There are plenty of reasons for which data failure can occur. Popular causes of data failure include data corruption, software/hardware malfunctioning, malicious attacks, accidental deletion or any other human error.

Storing the copy of vulnerable data on the separate storage medium is the only way to protect this vulnerable data against data loss or corruption. This storage medium can be as simple as an external hard drive and a USB stick. However, for more sophisticated type of backup solutions, network drives, cloud backups, and disk storage systems are the ideal choice. It must be noted that it is not compulsory that these backup mediums should be retained at the same location. Instead, it can reside at the remote location too.

For the best results, it is required that backups are made on a regular and consistent basis so as to minimize the amount of data loss, which is expected to be lost between backups. It is so because while recovering the lost data, the potential for data loss can increase if more time has been passed between backing up the consistent copies of the data. Hence, in order to ensure reliable and flexible restoration of the data, it is required that regularly updated copies of the backed-up data must be maintained.

Features of the Backup Software

To reap the maximum benefits of the backup software, it is important to know about the features of the backup software. There are plenty of free versions of backup software but to get maximum benefits of the backup utility, paid versions are always recommended. Following are some of the key features of the backup software:

Data Compression

To run backups, reliable and flexible storage ventures are required. Consequently, keeping such a big volume of data will require a huge disk space. To overcome this issue, most of the backup software offers data compression algorithm. Here uploaded or backed up data is compressed into the smaller packages to save the disk space.

It must be noted that this compression of individual file does not result in either data loss or data corruption. Instead, it intends to decrease the file size.

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One of the key features of any good backup software is its scheduling tools. These schedules determine the backup frequency and hence are the prerequisite for an effective and efficient backup strategy. Users can alter these scheduling frequencies as per their requirements and priority.

These schedules offer backups to occur on a daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis. These schedules relieve the user from the hassle of manual backups where it is highly possible that backups may not be consistent.


Security is something that concerns everyone. No one wants to compromise the security of the data and when this data is personal and commercial data, the need for contagious security increase manifold. Realizing the importance of data security, most of the backup software offers secure and easy encryption services, where data is encrypted before being backed up. This feature increases the credibility of the backup software as a user can stay assure that his or her important data is secure.

Data Management

There is no use of employing regular backups strategies if there isn’t any effective data management. In this lieu, the purpose of backup software is not just to secure and store the files, instead, they are supposed to ensure efficient data management.

Backup software is handy enough to offer hassle-free data management. Through the volume segregation, the user will be able to split the larger files into smaller volumes. Furthermore, the user can also organize and manage data according to his or her requirements and preferences.

Examples of Backup Software

The purpose of backup software cannot be reaped until and unless excellent backup software is not being used. Following are some of the popular backup software:

Backup Everything

Backup Everything offers a wide range of cloud-based backup solutions with a user-friendly portal, flexible retention policies, reliable compression techniques, and effective reporting mechanisms. The backup strategies revolve around effective file versioning, automatic backup schedules and thus ensuring customers with a hassle-free backup experience.

Paragon Backup and Recovery

Paragon Backup and Recovery is an excellent tool for making backup and recovery process simple and hassle-free, through its wizard-driven interface. Users can choose to back up an entire computer, selected partition or particular files and folders. It also offers a data management toolkit along with USB or CD-based recovery.

Google Backup and Sync

With the excellent integration of Google Drive, Google backup and sync is not a traditional backup software. Being a cloud-based backup solution, it backups user’s documents, files, and folders at par with modern technological needs.

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Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image offers software-based backup solutions. The software makes use of mirror imaging and disk cloning in its all in one recovery drives. With its cloud storage services, the users will always be in access to their backed-up data with strong innovated protection.

What is the Purpose of a Backup Software?

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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