Why Is Cloud-Based Storage Growing Use and Popularity Skyrocketing?

Why Is Cloud-Based Storage Growing Use and Popularity Skyrocketing?
Updated On: July 13, 2023

Cloud-Based Storage – Local storage was only the possible way to store digital data just a few decades back. But with the world’s digitalization and technological advancements, cloud-based storage has emerged as the game-changer. Today, cloud storage solutions stand as individuals and businesses’ favourite way of storing their data owing to the tons of benefits they have to offer. It is projected that around 100 zettabytes of data will be in cloud storage by 2025. So, there is no doubt that cloud-based storage is going to expand and grow significantly in the coming years. But why cloud-based storage is overtaking local on-premises storage aggressively? Well, to answer it and highlight the reasons behind cloud storage popularity, this blog presents 5 key points that reflect the real reasons behind the undying growth and popularity of cloud storage.

5 Game-Changing Aspects of Cloud-Based Storage

Cloud-based storage isn’t just limited to cloud data storage, but the great set of features offered by cloud storage services, make data in the cloud more than ordinary data. Following are the 5 game-changing aspects of cloud-based storage you should know:

1. Better Collaboration and Communication

As said earlier, cloud storage systems are more than just online storage space and we are going to explain it with the help of an example. Google Drive comes with 15 GB of free data storage for everyone who creates a Google account. But the data you store in Google Drive is accessible to you on all other Google platforms. For example, if you have stored important data in Google Drive and you want to send it to someone via Gmail, you can easily access that data directly from Gmail with simple clicks.

Similarly, if you are logged in with the same Google account on both your PC and smartphone, you can access all your Drive cloud data from both devices. The same kind of syncing services is available to you in Office 365 and other cloud services as well. In short, the automatic syncing and simple click-based approach of sharing files and data with cloud storage have taken digital collaboration and communication to a whole new level.

2. User-Friendly and Feature Rich

What makes cloud services special is their user-friendly approach and feature-rich services. They offer you the most convenient way to store data on the cloud with a simple drag & drop approach and intuitive interfaces both in the web and mobile app. There is no need to have the technical knowledge to use cloud services.

With cloud storage, you can access data whenever you want, share it with anyone, do automatic syncing, and perform plenty of other functions. If we compare it with local storage, cloud-based storage is offering a comprehensive set of advanced features that the present tech-driven society actually needs.

3. Highly Cost-Effective

Cloud-based storage is a highly cost savings solution for everyone whether it’s individuals, small businesses, or large enterprises. For example, by just paying $1.99/month, you can get 100 GB of storage space in Microsoft OneDrive or Google cloud. Now compare it with the amount of money you need to set up a local storage centre, especially if you are running a small business.

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Setting up a local data centre requires a physical location, hardware, software, IT staff, and similar other resources to make things operational and running. All those expenses fade away when you opt for cloud-based storage services. So, all you have to do is pick up the service provider, subscribe to one of its plans based on the amount of storage you need, and start storing your data online. In addition, you can easily expand your storage capacity by subscribing to a higher storage package anytime you want. In short, cloud-based storage is undoubtedly a highly cost-saving solution compared to local storage centres.

4. Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

One of the prime reasons why individuals and organizations are actively considering cloud-based storage is its exceptional disaster recovery support. Since digital data holds lots of our important data, nobody wants to face a data loss situation. When you store data on the cloud, you instantly protect your data from all kinds of local data loss calamities, such as hardware damage, natural disaster, software corruption, accidental deletion, etc.

In addition, a cloud storage service makes multiple copies of your data so that even if it faces some server malfunction in one of its data centres, your data still remains safe and accessible from other server locations. Besides that, all your data gets encrypted before storing in the cloud and you can even enhance the security by opting for additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication, private encryption keys, etc. In short, you get exceptional data protection, security, and disaster recovery support when you opt for cloud-based object storage.

5. Cloud-Based Computing

The easy access to the internet, smartphones and portable computers are all contributing to the growth of cloud-based storage and computing. Let’s understand it with the help of the Google Docs example. When Google launched Google Docs, it didn’t get popular because of cloud storage of documents, but the way it allowed online documenting and then instant sharing and reviewing all in a matter of few clicks was the main reason for its rapid adoption.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, cloud storage and computing received even more appreciation, as businesses rapidly shifted to the remote and home-based working environment. Today, the cloud not just stands as the best-in-class technology for unlimited storage of data, but cloud-based computing is another prominent aspect behind the skyrocketing growth.

Wrapping Up

To sum up over narrative about the never-ending growth and popularity of cloud-based storage, we would say that cloud technology is offering everything that the present technologically advanced and digital-driven world need. Whether it’s unlimited storage space, instant accessibility, one-click sharing capabilities, or cost-effective nature, you get all that with cloud storage.

Why Is Cloud-Based Storage Growing Use and Popularity Skyrocketing?

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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