How to Protect Business Data from any unexpected Data Loss?

How to Protect Business Data from any unexpected Data Loss?
Updated On: July 13, 2023

To whatever category does data belong to, its loss leaves irreparable consequences. But when it comes to the business data, the vulnerability of the issue increases manifold. The reason is quite simple, who does want to lose data on which crucial information and business growth relies on? Apart from financial loss, the loss of business reputation is also a gross concern. There are many reasons due to which any business data lists may get lost. There can be technical issues like a power surge, hard drive failure, or a natural catastrophe like a storm. In addition to this, running an online marketing strategy is another reason which may result in data loss. Marketing campaign like email marketing may expose companies to malware, and consequently, this may result in data loss. Nevertheless, due to whatsoever reasons business data lists are lost, the concern should be on taking preventive measures rather than being afraid of consequences. So, in case you are also one of those millions of people who want to ensure the protection of business data, then stay tuned.

Protection of Business Data

While caring for quality marketing ventures is important, ensuring the protection of business data is also very vital. To know how to make sure that business data remain safe from any sort of unexpected loss, the following are some of the key points:

Protect the Hardware

Hardware protection is one of the most fundamental rules of data protection. Since hardware is the one that host’s all of the business data, so its protection is as important as of data. It is recommended to place the hardware in such a place that is secure, air-conditioned, and offers low foot traffic to negate accidents. It is also a good practice to employ some access monitoring systems such as RFID/Biometric entry along with video surveillance. This will help businesses to make the probability of theft to a negligible extent.

Software Updates

Software companies who are very concerned to remove software glitches, always look for gray areas in their software. They conduct different surveys and review crash reports to analyze the issues. In case of any glitch, they remove that glitch and make the updated version available. This is the reason it is always recommended to take software updates seriously. Never postpone pending updates and regularly check for available updates. This practice will minimize the probability of experiencing data loss from the software glitch.

Strategic Data Backups

In strategic data backups, data is is backed up according to its vulnerability. Data backups as per their recovery priority is another way of backing up data strategically. Given the nature of its vulnerability and recovery priority, differential, full, and incremental data backups can be scheduled and performed. In addition to this, strategic data backups also involve the formulation of a step-by-step disaster recovery plan in case of any power loss or failure of backup power.

Multiple Backups

It is a rule of business to never rely on one lead. So how come a business organization dealing with B2B data and marketing listings can rely on one way of data backups? Therefore, it is always recommended to use multiple backup sources. Depending on the data volume and scope of the business, data can be stored on multiple backup options, such as external hard drives, cloud backup systems, etc. The best-recommended strategy is to use the 3-2-1 strategy to make sure that not only shall redundancy be ensured, but viability shall also be maintained.

Limit Portable Devices

It may sound very conservative to limit the use of portable devices, but when it comes to vulnerability to marketing data and important business data, stern actions need to be taken. Since portable devices like USBs are one of the mobile and easiest ways to inject threats into the subjected system, therefore it is recommended to limit the use of such portable devices. However, in case such strict action cannot be taken, then one way is to formulate the guidelines pertaining to the use of such devices so that viruses or malware do not travel from infected systems to healthy systems.

Robust Malware Protection

Hackers are always in pursuit of any security loopholes. Once they find any, they leave no stone unturned to cause damage to the hacked system or exploit them for their own benefit, such as ransomware. Therefore, to protect business data from the unexpected loss, it is always advised to enact robust malware protection practices all over the organization. Such practices include the installation of antivirus, firewall, spam filters, and anti-malware software.

Specify the Access Levels

Specifying certain access levels is another way of saving business data from any sort of menace. There have been many cases where employees gained access to the confidential data and exposed it to cause catastrophe to the business. Therefore, it would be very good practice to instruct the IT team to set access levels where only certain people are allowed to access certain documents or data. Moreover, it is important to have employees sign a security agreement at the time they are being hired.

Being on-board with IT Experts

How stringent would data protection mechanisms be, it is always a good strategy to being on-board with IT experts. This allows businesses to execute their data protection policies more effectively and efficiently. From risk auditing to finding potential security gray areas in the system, IT experts can help businesses to shape their data protection policies as per the modern security needs.


Data has a key role in today’s business regime. From the junior executives to key decision-makers, everyone takes help from the data to formulate future strategies and set financial goals. Therefore, no one can afford to lose data in an expected or unexpected way. This token of care emphasis on enacting such policies which shall not only save data but also make business comply with local regulations. This is important to gain customer’s confidence as well as to proceed with future expansions while being confident in the security of the data.

Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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