What is the Best Backup Service for PC?

What is the Best Backup Service for PC?
Updated On: July 13, 2023

The need for data backup has never been that important as it is today. Since 2012, the data loss has seen a surge of up to 400%. While data loss is one thing, the failure to recover the data makes things even worse. According to research, around 71% of IT professionals are not confident in their skills to restore data after the data loss. So, enterprises and other businesses are focusing on doing proper PC data backups and set up efficient data backup plan. A lot of backup service providers have come into the market that are facilitating businesses in backing up their data conveniently. But choosing the right service that fits the need and performs efficiently often becomes time-consuming. In this blog, we are going to deeply look at how to choose the right backup service and some of the best backup services for PC available in the market.

How to Choose a Backup Service for PC

The choice of a backup service demands totally on your needs, such as storage space requirement, number of PCs to backup, file sharing requirement, security needs, etc. There are multiple types of backup services available for performing PC backup. Some facilitate to perform local backups of PC data into external hard drives, NAS, or other storage devices. While other services facilitate online backups. So, primarily you can opt for either a local or cloud backup service. For local backups, backup services provide a backup software that you install on the concerned PC to backup data automatically. For cloud backups, the backup services provide an online account to you where you can securely backup data and have access to it anywhere, anytime. For businesses, where data plays a crucial role, it’s better to have both local and cloud backups to enhance safety measures.

Best PC Backup Services

There are tons of backup services, but not all are good at the services they provide. Following are the five best backup services that can fulfill any easy to complex backup needs conveniently.

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1. Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is a well-reputed backup software that provides easy-to-use and powerful backup functionalities. Once you have installed it on your PC, it can perform backups non-stop. It works in the background and automatically backup data in the designated drive. The backups are performed continuously, so any changes are always getting backed up. It also provides anti-virus and protects your PC from any kind of cyber-attack. Besides local backup of data, it also replicates the data into the cloud so that there is always a copy of your data off-site. Other key features include active disk cloning, visual protection dashboard, anywhere access, universal restore, end-to-end encryption, 30 days free trial, and many more.

2. NovaBACKUP for PC

NovaBACKUP is another reliable backup software for Windows. It’s easy to use interface provides complete system backup or selective backup of files and folders. The backups can be carried out manually or set to automatic full, differential, and incremental backups. The team behind NovaBACKUP is available continuously to guide users with software usage and how to perform PC data backups. Other than local backups, the platform now also supports cloud storage. The other key features include 256-bit AES encryption, complete disaster recovery protection, 30-days money-back guarantee, single file restoration, email notifications, and many more.

3. Backup Everything

Backup Everything is a cloud backup service with all the features and services you might expect. It is known for providing a highly-secure cloud backup platform with AES 256-bit encryption. It can efficiently backup data from Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The backups are performed automatically and can also be scheduled. The backed up data can be shared securely with anyone from anywhere. It also provides syncing services across all devices and also enables to archive less important data. All the platform services come under a free trial period including continuous customer support. The other key features include top-notch disaster recovery, email reporting, 24/7 support, web portal, multiple languages support, and many more.

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4. SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup is one of the trustworthy online backup services. It lets you backup your PC data online without worrying about the storage limits. After the initial backup, you can change, edit, and delete the backed up data with just a few clicks. It lets you keep unlimited versions of the data under military-grade multilayer encryption. It also provides mobile apps and data backup. The other key features include multiple PCs backup from a single account, optional private encryption keys, instant and easy individual file recovery, real-time or scheduled automatic backups, and many more.

5. Backblaze

Backblaze is a handy cloud backup service that makes the PC data backup process super-easy. It provides automatic and continuous PC data backups. It keeps deleted files and file versions for up to 30 days, but it can easily be extended for 1 year or even forever. It allows users to set up free accounts to experience the rich features and services of the platform before subscribing. It also sends a free hard drive containing the backed up upon request. The other key features include a web-based admin console, ransomware protection, single sign-on, support for both Mac and Windows, private key, rapid restoration, and many more.


The advancements in science and technology have made digital data of great value to us. Businesses are required to maintain digital data for better marketing analysis and brand development. Owing to that, PC backup is very vital in the present time. The above-listed backup services are some of the best ones you can see in the market. All of them have some similar and some unique features and functionalities. So, which one is the best among all demands on your backup requirements. If you are looking for only local backups and want a backup software for it, then Acronis True Image will serve the job. But if you want to have a cloud-based backup with sync, sharing, and freedom of accessibility, then Backup Everything promises to be a highly-secure backup service for you.


Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything
Saaher Muzafer / CEO Backup Everything

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